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Pokemon Crossing


So I’ve been seeing some images floating around on tumblr of pokemon as animal crossing villagers, and I thought it was pretty adorable, so I decided to do some of my own with a few of my personal favorite pokemon! Precious little babbies. XD  I wanted to Doublade too, but I couldn’t figure out how to make that into a villager because… well, you know. Lol

Part 2 -Pokemon Crossing Rd. 2 by Turtle-Arts

Art property :iconturtle-arts:

Pokemon and animal crossing are of course, copyright

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*soft crying* it's too adorable!!!! I wanna hug all of themmmmm! 
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Thanks! Lol they were very fun to do! ^^
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I love this it’s really cute 
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Ahhh, I need more of these in my life tbh... They're all so cute! :happybounce: 
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I honestly never thought of this until now, but it WORKS though... I wanna see more now! :D (Big Grin) 
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I wish these were actual villagers
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Haha, it would be a fun crossover game I think XD
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Blastoise's expression is killing me lol 😂. Super cute!
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BunBun-The-Bunny's avatar
I’d love to have the Mew and Vulpix in my town X3
Turtle-Arts's avatar
Glad you like them! ^^
BunBun-The-Bunny's avatar
You’re welcome ^^
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Isn't that just Mystery Dungeon minus an actual plot?
Ocxin's avatar
I'm super late,
but you messed up
the Raichu's tail.
ultrapokermontimmy's avatar
are these pokepeople?
Bgamestheinfernape's avatar
They've gotta make an animal crossing where you meet villagers based of fictional animals like Pokemon
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