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My contribution to round 4 of Link's Blacklist over on :icongame-art-hq: For this round a picked the Garo Master from Majora's Mask (my personal favorite Zelda game!) I would have liked to have done the regular Garo, but I didn't want to do it right after doing the Poes before since they're kind of similar looking, and by the time another round had gone by, someone had already done the Garo. But nobody had taken Garo Master yet, so I figured I'd snatch him up... and throw in some cute little regular Garos for fun! :>

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This goes straight into my favs folder! ♥
MM is the best Zelda game ever and I love the Garos!
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I always adored the Garo, and the Garo Master in particular. Fantastic job on all of 'em here! It looks like a mural you'd find painted on a wall. :D
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Thank you very much! And yes, I've always liked the Garo as well. I think they're pretty neat. :>
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I can't tell you how much I love this
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So jaws do have someone in charge over them.
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I wish they would show up in more games! XD
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I really like how they come forth from under his cloak.
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Wow, this is gorgeous! *-* :heart:
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Glad you like it. :>
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Amazing use of colors *-*
RoseyRoseyMae's avatar
Wow! This is so cool! :D
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Wow your Blacklist pictures are absolutely fantastic every time, and this time around I'm kinda glad you went with Garo Master and not the regular Garo :,D! You really breathed life into it with this gorgeous picture. What you did with the cloaks is so pretty, and really well suited. The air of the whole piece in general feels really accurate to them with what little the game tells about the Garo, as much as this is your own interpretation and embellishment of it.
This is just super pretty ;u; I love the Garo Master's mask, all the detail in it, and the same with the robe! Making the gradient in the original design a separate piece of clothing was a very good idea.
Ah I love this picture :,D!
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Hey, thank you very much! ^^ And yeah, I felt like the designs needed some extra detail. Which, I imagine the designers would have done if they hadn't been limited to such low-poly models and basic skinning. So I jazzed the cloaks up a bit. XD
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Yeah I'm sure too~ Which is a lot of why I really like this I think, it still looks very Legend of Zelda and accurate even though it's entirely your own design. This could be like a Twilight Princess design for them or something~
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Sweet! I'm literally right at this point in Majora's Mask right now. It's the first time ever that I'm playing it through, and I love it.  This art is amazing!
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Thank you! ^^ Oh, and I hope you're enjoying the game! :D
jadethestone's avatar
You're welcome!
And thanks, I am enjoying it very much! Almost done with it now.
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Woaaaaaah! Amazing!!
Majora's mask is my fav too! :D
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