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The Simurgh

from the Web serial "Worm" [link] . written by Wildbow :iconwildbow: Seriously go read this its really awesome .

I did all the doodling on this and my partner in crime drunkfu :icondrunkfu: did all the coloring as usual so go check out his stuff and buy a comission or something something :)

The first Endbringer mentioned by name over the course of the story, the Simurgh is named for the massive mammal-bird that rests on the tree of life. She is also known as Ziz, which is a griffin-like creature with a wingspan that can block out the sun, who is otherwise very similar to the Simurgh in nature and description. Interestingly, the creatures for which she is named are actually benevolent. The Simurgh as she appears in the setting is most definitely not.

Much like Behemoth, the Simurgh has yet to be detailed in depth, so readers must draw the clues about her nature and powers from various places in the text. In the Agitation arc, Tattletale notes that the Simurgh is the only conventional telepath in the setting, and that this scares people. In 8.2, Legend calls the Simurgh a cunning manipulator. In chapter 8.4, Taylor states that the Simurgh is noteworthy because winning the fight against her isn't necessarily a problem, that the heroes could "Win every battle against her, lose the war."

When recovering betwen attacks she usually orbits Earth, traveling within the planet's Thermosphere (her last known location, as of Interlude 10.5, was 350 km above Spain ) where she hibernates while flying, absorbing light and ambient radiation through her broad wings as a form of nourishment.

The Simurgh is the only one of the Endbringers that is described using female pronouns. She appears to be 15 feet tall and covered in wings.
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That matches her description perfectly! So much better than any other image of her. Nice!
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the amount of wings she has, answer: YES
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love it! this is almost exactly how i'd imagine her to be.  :D

all your Worm fanart is amazing!
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thanks , I really need to do some more of the characters someday
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i look forward to it whenever you get around to that! you have an awesome style. :nod:
I'll admit I always imagined the Simurgh as the Yu-Gi-Oh card WingWeaver-this is probably more accurate.

Going to redraw it now that Worm is over?
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maybe someday , im on a art hiatus atm !:)
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Nicely done.'s not in your Worm folder.
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You can see on her face how shee is preparing to troll someone, in fact: By posing like that, she propably screwed over a few thousand people.
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I am not going to call Skitter am i?
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So so good! I love Worm *_* Don't know why I never checked for fanart of it on dA before.
Turtle-76's avatar we have a fangroup for it with everything i've been able to find :) thanks for poking in :)
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It's the Smurf! I love how you did her hair- tt's all whooshy!
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An excellent drawing, looking forward to seeing any more Worm art you make.
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thanks :) that series is so awesome !!
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You got the otherworldly endbringer part just fine out of her.
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