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Chibis of the Slaughterhouse 9 a rather scary bunch of villians from the Web serial "Worm" [link] . written by Wildbow :iconwildbow: Seriously go read this its really awesome .

I did all the doodling on this and my partner in crime drunkfu :icondrunkfu: did all the coloring as usual and is having a comission sale so go check out their stuff and buy something :)

Heres their wiki entries if you want to know more about them [link] (though seriously go read the stories !!)

okay from left to right

row 1 ) Mannequin , Jack Slash , Bonesaw
row 2 )Shatterbird , The Siberian
row 3 )Crawler
row 4 )Cherish , Hatchet Face aka Hack Job , Burnscar

im mostly drawing these to make into fride magnets so that my chibi undersiders [link] have people to fight for control of the fridge :P
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Seeing these murdering God Mode Sues get taken out in "The Warcrafter" was SO FREAKING CATHARTIC.
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How are the slaughterhouse 9 Sues??

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Seriously tho

I'm reading worm for the first time (tha'ts how i found this deviation and thus this comment) and I've finished their first arc. they didn't seem like sues at all. God mode, maybe, but they are an S-class threat.

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They are Sues. Period.

"S-class threat" just means they're Sues.

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How does being an S-Class threat classify someone as a sue

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Because they shouldn't BE S-class at all.

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Why not

Crawler literally had a sun smashed onto him and was fine

The siberian is quite literally invincible

Jack is directly responsible for Gold Morning

Shatterbird can wipe out entire cities with a word

Mannequin was capable of building life on the moon and now uses that talent to systematically wipe out other people who did the same

Cherish and Burnscar survived the tests of all of the above

And Bonesaw is directly responsible for the Slaughterhouse 9000 including the return of the fucking Gray Boy

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ha! this is so awesome! :D
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I like how Jack has a barber's razor. That would have been fucking hilarious in-story as like, his back-up weapon. xD
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I think a butter knife would have been better.

'Oh god, run!!! He has a butter knife!!'

He could have done it too.
Jack Slash powers?
Enhanced cutting range and edge with a Combat Precog/Supersense for parahumans.
Hell, he could have just taken a mono-molecular butter knife. Slice up an Endbringer with his toast knife? Not sure about this but I think that would destroy morale for everyone not S9.

Even better. A cheese knife.

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yeah I thought it'd be cute :)
I always imagined Burnscar's cigarette burns as vertical, like tears. Great job, fucking LOVE the Jack.
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ohhh I wish I had though of the burn scars as tears idea ...where were you when I drew this !!!
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What's up with Shatterbird's face? Or is that how it's supposed to be?
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Well, she is Middle Eastern . . .
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I saw this pic again after I was looking up that one minific someone did about if flechette had been raised by the Slaughterhouse 9 as Mistletoe
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How did you manage to make Crawler cute while keeping Jack and Bonesaw terrifying?
Maybe he just looks less scary next to them.
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crawler is secretly the cutest of the nine and wants to be loved :P was watching "how to train your dragon"  while drawing crawler so im sure a bit of toothless showed up in it
Aw. Makes you almost forget they're all horrific serial killers.
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Rather scary? I needed a hug after Bonesaw... D:
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Can I have your permission to use chibi jack as a profile picture?
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go for it and enjoy with my blessings :)
Goblin2carnival's avatar
Thank you, I will be using it as soon as I figure out how to use a cropped photo on deviantart
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