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Skitter By Deebs and Drunkfu

Slightly late birthday fan art for Wildbow , may the hairs on his snout never fall out !

Skitter aka Taylor Hebert one of the Undersiders [link] and rather scary for a sixteen year old !

from the Web serial "Worm" [link] . written by Wildbow :iconwildbow: Seriously go read this its really awesome .

I did all the doodling on this and my partner in crime drunkfu :icondrunkfu: did all the coloring as usual and is having a comission sale so go check out their stuff and buy something :)

Heres their wiki entry if you want to know more about her [link] (though seriously go read the stories !!)
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Always imagined Atlas as being bigger.  Prettty good though.
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Awesome. Is that Atlas?
Baldrickk's avatar
Isn't Atlas meant to be blue?
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yep , you can see a chibi version of him in my chibi undersiders lineup and thanks :)
(Bit of a sort of spoiler)

I keep seeing Skitter drawn with heir hair out. Didn't one of the capes at the beginning mention they can't use their power because her suit covers the entire body?

Or did I miss something?
Turtle-76's avatar
no idea :) the descriptions I got from wildbow and others had her with her hair out so I went with that :)
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Aww, Skittz is adorable <3

And badass.
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we need more worm art
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start drawing !! :P
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i do better coloration and writing.
That is so deliciously creepy, even with the bright colors!
Turtle-76's avatar
bright colors are awesome :) just count yourself lucky I didn't add little hearts around Atlas
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Love it, love it, love it!
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I believe I said it before, but I find it funny that this skitter (who looks really accurate to her description in the story) has a less feminine build than her chibi^^
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well the chibis are ...well chibis im allowed to exagerate (and I try to do different body types with them as practice ) but figured if we were gonna do skitter in a comic booky look id better follow the description (or id hear about it :P ) glad you like it
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you know what you really have to do? endbringer chibis

seriously. to the drawing board with you!
Turtle-76's avatar
maybe, but they don't really grab me so far as far as visuals .
Tieshaunn's avatar

ah well, I can't wait for your next work. no matter which of the characters it might portray
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Looks freaking awesome.
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Thanks , have you started reading it yet japa ?
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