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Mannequin from Worm

Mannequin one of the Slaughterhouse Nine from the Web serial "Worm" [link] . Seriously go read this its really awesome .

lets see from the cast page

Mannequin– Used to be a man named Alan Gramme, codename Sphere. As a Tinker with a specialty in biomes, terraforming and ecosystems, he was working in projects to build self sustaining biospheres on the moon, solve world hunger and build aquatic cities near cities plagued by overcrowding. These projects were interrupted when The Simurgh attacked one of the sites and killed his wife and children, simultaneously destroying his projects. He went mad and began modifying his own body to isolate himself from the world.

Now he stands nine feet tall and has replaced all of his joints with either a doll’s ball joints or lengths of chains. His entire body is encased in a special ceramic shell, with no openings or perforations.

After modifying his body he become a serial killer, with an emphasis on targeting individuals, predominantly tinkers and rogues who seek to better the world with their powers.
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Is this before or after he installed the shotguns?
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No offense to anyone but somehow this guy reminds me of Obito Uchiha. Mostly for things like backstory, though I can say this guy got on to the deeper end of insanity.......not feeling much sympathy for a guy who's goals amount to absolutely no good for anyone. Hell Mugen Tsukuyomi is something I'd much rather happen than to live in a world full of guys like this guy
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And thus the Simurgh strikes again...
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Holy crap! That's far more terrifying than anything I pictured in my mind.
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I really should get him colored sooner or later :P
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Why bother covering his groin? All his organs are inside the ceramic shells anyway.
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Ah, Mannequin. He will always be one of the more interesting characters in Worm to me. Mostly because I'm wondering how the hell he managed to turn himself into this.

Also, I completely missed the similarities to Slenderman until now. So thanks for that, I suppose...
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This is really cool! It's like, freaky and stuff O.o
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thanks its kinda like a mechanical slender man :)
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Haha. So I had no idea what "Slender Man" was before you said that tbh, and I looked it up. Probably the freakiest thing ever xD I may have nightmares
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theres quite alot of you tube videos and art about him .
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Niiicely done. But you forgot his twelve eyes of varying size and color!
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you know I actually belived you when you im'ed me that I forgot his see through ceramic shell and was freaking out :P
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It looks great but didn't it say somewhere that Mannequin had a clear pane of glass or something in his chest that let you see his organs?
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yay im always glad folks like my takes on Wildbows amazing characters !!
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That's only when his chest is bisected in two halves - the glass panes face each other (and press together when the chest is together).
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I really like the hands.

Looking forward to Bonesaw.
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Squee !

btw I love your piglett avatars , why a piglet though ? Also since the art is meant for the parahuman wiki does that mean I can hope to one day see bits of trivia for Crawler and Mannequin :P


More Worm please :)
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'Wildbow' is from my favorite game from childhood, which was horribly mistranslated/badly localized. It's a misspelling of 'Wild Boar'. Ergo, baby pigs.

Why did I pick that name? I tried no less than 50 names as I tried to sign up for Wordpress. I didn't want a name with numbers on the end. Went to names from that game and got pretty obscure (Most players would never run into a 'wildbow' in the course of playing through the game normally) before I found one. Decided to run with it.
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