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Crawler from Worm

Crawler one of the Slaughterhouse Nine from the Web serial "Worm" [link] . Seriously go read this its really awesome .

lets see from the cast page

Crawler – Male. Brute. An inhuman monster.

In Crawler's case the phrase "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" is literally true. Every time he is hurt his body adapts, rendering him more resistant to whatever hurt him or giving him other capabilities or features. He regenerates very quickly and the advantages gleaned from any such regeneration are permanent, making him look less and less human.

Crawler intentionally submits himself to suicidal situations so he can become even stronger. He has been doing it for sometime now.
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Every time I come back to this picture, I find something new, like how he has little T-Rex arms coming of his front legs.

Its really cool.
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Thanks :) I really adored doing it ....Crawler was one of my favorites simply because he was so alien and thus intresting to draw (I've seen a few folks draw him but I wish more would as I love to see different takes on him )
AkazilliaDeNaro's avatar
I think most people would be disheartened now, because its kinda hard to top this.

You did a really good job.
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I learn so much when people do interpretations on the characters , sometimes ill look at a piece and go "ohh im really loving this and I should add something like it into my next pic "  the best part of worm (after the story ) is artists , writers , and lovers of the story reading a brief costume description and going in 7 million ways with the look :)
It would be horrifyingly interesting to watch Crawler and SCP-682 smack into each other "Whoever wins...we lose"
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I love the linework and detail on this, its awesome. If you ever decide to do a colored version with more shading, it'd be even better :D
Caesar9999's avatar
I think we'd need somebody from Dragon Ball Z to kill this guy and if he does survive I bet he'd become extremely humanoid like a parody of the bishonen line
Caesar9999's avatar
Or the Ultimate Lifeform KARS!!!!
Suitov's avatar
Now this guy was simply terrifying.  I didn't quite understand what they supposedly did to stop him in the end, either... and whether there was any chance he could come back.
WhiteCraeon's avatar
They used one of Bakuda's bombs to turn him into plastic or something similar, to my knowledge.
13thversifier's avatar
the details are pretty boss
Wildbow's avatar
Fantastic stuff, Scarfgirl.

You couldn't have picked a harder character to do, haha.
Turtle-76's avatar
he is such a great visual character well him and Manequin (whom im totally jonesing to draw at some point ) anyhoo totally blame Drunkfu for getting me curious by drawing all these Worm Characters and blame yourself for writing a series that totally has me hooked .


ink pen / five dollars , art tablet /ten dollars , eraser /one dollar , having the Author of a series you adore pop in to comment on something you drew /priceless
Wildbow's avatar
That 'priceless' bit goes both ways. Having someone take the time to draw something like this makes your day, you know?

Thank you, Scarf.
And now every time I read a section with Crawler in it I will be even more freaked out by him. This picture is brilliant, though the perspective seems a bit off on the tentacle coming around the front on his right.
Turtle-76's avatar
Totally right about the perspective , sadly by the time I noticed it was already inked , next time though ! and glad you liked it
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Geart work.

I'm adding it to the wiki, [link] . Hope you don't mind. If you do i will remove it inmediatly.
Turtle-76's avatar
no , go right ahead :) glad you like it , sorry its not in color .
estocasticom's avatar
Thank you.

I think in black and white is perfect, it doesn't need colors.
The only thing that can make it even cooler is some background, maybe. When Drunkfu uploaded this picture for the first time [link] it had no background and it was great, but when he added the busgs and the dogs shadows it become awsome.
Turtle-76's avatar
nod nod i'll think on it , my biggest fear is because i've no photoshop skills or tablet if I mess something up its permanet unlike Drunkfu (who taught me alot of what I know and who does alot of editing in photoshop )
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