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Chibi Worm cast

Chibis of the Undersiders the main group of characters from the Web serial "Worm" [link] . written by Wildbow :iconwildbow: Seriously go read this its really awesome .

My partner in crime drunkfu :icondrunkfu: did all the coloring as usual and is having a comission sale so go check out their stuff and buy something :)

The Undersiders from left to right
Atlas , Skitter , Bitch and her dogs , Tattletale , Regent , Imp and Grue .

oh made all these into magnets for my fridhe by printing them out and gluing them to flexible magnet material found at the craft store now the undersiders defend my grocery list !!
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These are so cute! I really like... whatshername? The one between Regent and Grue. Thingy? Erm...

What was I talking about, again?


It may be Imp, at least your reaction is similar to her stated powers on the PHO wiki for her.

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OMg...this is really from 2012. Hoi! So a buddy of mine was like 'You should read worm'  a year or so ago and I was like 'Sure sounds neat' then I proceeded to not read it for ages, until I saw this fan art, I have a super visual brain and this gave me the hook I needed to get into it. I started reading it like a month ago proper and am up to the 12 arc annnnd in large part it's thanks to you. Soo....yanno. Thanks.
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its such a great series , he has done a few other series too called Pact(a sort of modern day take on the supernatural ) and Twig (I havent read twig but ive seen the setting described as biopunk ) he is currently doing the follow up to worm "ward" and we have a deviant art group for fan art called "undersiders " im glad you liked my doodles enough to comment (I peeked into your page so im really exzcited to see fan art from you sooner or later ) :)  worm is a wild ride !
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Har, yeah I'm aware of their other work, cuz Worm is so massive I havn't really branched out into that stuff yet. I defs need to do some Worm art. Hrm, although, I don't really post to DA much anymore, I kinda dusted off the account to make this comment X'D I mostly art on the tumblrs these days but if I do make something I supose I can pop it on here and let cha know<3
Turtle-76's avatar they have a pretty active reddit (I post new art there from time to time ...I don't think ive posted too much new stuff on here ..aside from narwhal in a long time ) theres also a few discords  and yeah I think all my art buddies are either on tumblr now aday or just tweet out art :) 
They are amazing. :)
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thanks , they make great stickers and magnets
Woah, what's with Grue? letting him stew, way off to the side, with a large gap between him and the next guy. Did Regent do something to piss him off or something?
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well regent was getting down and dirty with grues sister :P
Who? Is this sister of his somewhere in the picture?

Late reply? maybe. I forget things.
This sister of his is pretty important. If you don't mind being spoiled for the cause --

It's Imp
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i loves it! :D
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What program and features did you use to create this? Vectors? Illustrator? How did you create the white outline?
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I did it in photoshop, all bitmap, no vectors. The white outline was made with the drop shadow feature you can do in photoshop - I just set it to normal instead of multiply and made it white with %100 opacity. The backgrounds just a bunch of quick fast boxes filled in with a gradient on top
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Okay, thanks!  I actually knew two others ways to do the white outline, one is to doubleclick layers and use the stroke feature and set the color to white.

This is ridiculously good and that's why I asked.
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Oh right yah, you can do stroke too of course. Photoshop usually gives you a bunch of ways to do something. Some of them only marginally faster than others
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Currently using this as my facebook banner.
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hah ! thats neat , I wish I had put a worm logo on it .  I printed the image out and cut out the individual characters and made them into fridge magnets
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Skitter is SO adorable, but why does Imp have a Sharingan?
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I think those are where the light hit on the red lenses of her mask.
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They are eye based powers from Naruto. Google "mangekyou sharingan". The black and red designs look a lot like Imp's eyes in this picture.
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I thought they looked like gambit from x-men  , they are just lenses either way 
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