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Matilda's desing by TurquoiseThought Matilda's desing by TurquoiseThought
Name: Matilda Pääskynen
Age: 17
Cender: Female
Height: 186 cm
Nationality: Finn-Spanish (Father from Spain and mother from Finland.)

Likes: Milkshakes, music (Mostly listens to musicals and Spanish music.), singing alone, playing guitar, writing songs, history, books, doing research, running and parkour, movies, writing diary, Spanish food and warmness. (being in sauna or near the fireplace with a sweater makes her fell cosy.)

Dislikes: Noisyness, horror movies, being in the center of attencion, grounded places, coldness.

Dreams: Making a musical or act in one and being a singer but she has a terrible stace fright.

Segret: She has a pocket watch which can transport her back in time and to any place in the world. It originally belonged to her gandma who was sent from the year 2400 to fix promplems in timeline.

Personality: Matilda is very energetic personality and she can be very excited sometimes. But she is usally shy among other people because she had the title "wierdo" back in primary school so she was left alone as a kid. She builds her friendships slowly but once the bound has been made Matilda is a true and a little bit socially akward friend. She also tends to be less shy among her good friends. Matilda often remains calm expect when she has a reason to fangirl (like when the cast recording CD of some musical finaly arived in the post.) Matilda tends to be a nerd sometimes (expecially a history nerd.) due her curiosity and a hunger for infromation.  Alone she lets her more wild side out and doesn't care if she does something wierd. She can often be found in the middle of her room singing "Do you hear the people sing?", "Burn" or maybe "Defying gravity". Among other peole in the other hand... She'd rather just sit in the corner reading or listening to music (while trying to keep herself from lipsyncing.)  If some one Matilda doesn't know comes to talk to her she starts to feel uneasy because of her shyness. Meeting new people is sceary for her. But with friends she doesn't try to hide herself and likes to talk with some one she knows well. With them she feels safe to bravely be herself.

That's all about Matilda. A charecter that at fist was just a desing in my head without any bakcround least a year or two expect the fact that she likes milkshakes. Then I recently started to get ideas what I could do with it and so Matilda was born. I decided to go with way more simble style with this because it's just a desing. I'm actually guite happy with the results tho it feels strange that making something this simble took me 8 hours... Maybe I just use metods that are slow... But anyway, Matilda's red hair represents her more wild and fiery nature while the yellow collors her calmness ans shyness. Blue jeans represent history and purble eyes her musical creativity. That jewel in her neck is very inmortant to her because it represents her inner music to her. I'm still thinking her personality and stuff so some things might chance.
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January 20
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