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Edward Hyde by TurquoiseThought Edward Hyde by TurquoiseThought
Finally I got this one finished! This is my own desing of Hyde. (Not TGS. This hair desing was made before I found that comic.) Hyde is absolutely my favorite character from the book and from the musical. (And of course I love Mss. Pie as well. Ink potts animatics got me into J&H in the first place.) Though, I must admit that when I first read the original book, (I read it in one day btw, because the musical had got me so into it.) I was a little bit disappointed that Hyde didn't had that many lines. Especially because he is after all one of the mane characters. But in the same time when he doesn't speak that much in the book it also keeps him as a mystery. It kinda gives me the feeling that there's something more in him than what the book tells. Even after the duality is revealed. In the musical he is very charming in his own psychotic-killer-kinda way (And I just love him as a villain and a character.) but there's not as much mystery in there as in the book and I think it is because he speaks so much more. It's also because his motives to kill the governors are quite clear so you mostly know why he does what he does. But even if he's not that mysterious as he is in the book, he still is one of my favorite musical characters. And Alive still gets me singing even after three years!

While I was shading this I wasn't really sure how the cape works but I did my best with it. White hair was also a challenge because I didn't want to shade it too much because I was afraid that in the end it may not even look like white. Why white you may ask? It just came to me while I listened to alive and thought what would a person who sings this song would look like? Lot of things changed but the hair stuck the same.
I'm also terribly sorry about the creace in the paper. It was an accident which made me mad but it was too late to start all over when it happend so... My apologise. I will do also similiar face drawing with Jekyll but it will take some time to do it. I try to do it as realistic as I can without ready reference picture. As for now this is the most realism I can do if I don't draw straightly from somewhere.


Featured on my dear sister's tumblr blog:

Featured on the official The Glass Scientists Tumblog:
(I can't belive that it is featured there! It's amazing and that comic is just gold! La la la la  I am so honoured.)

Disclamer: This is fanart and I don't own Jekyll and Hyde. The original novella The strange case of dr. Jekyll and mr. Hyde belongs to R. L. Stevenson.
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