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Breaking the ordinary by TurquoiseThought Breaking the ordinary by TurquoiseThought
I made this one for school actually when we had to do something abstract. It has been a long time since I have made anything like that so this was an interesting experience. My idea was to make something that is based on some feeling. Well, I tried anxiety but my ideas weren't that great so I tired to do something else. Apparently, instead of studying for my French verb-test I sketched ideas in my strange "Arg! I have ideas but no time to draw them!" mood I came up with this. And the feeling was inspiration. Well, of course, I had to wait for tomorrow to have the time to actually get my computer and draw this. While drawing the idea of the drawing started to change and this is the result:

The whole idea is the breaking the normal with originality, creativity,being extraordinary and inspiration and how it just burst out from every little crack. It shines and brings some colour into your life and for once everything doesn't follow the guidelines of mainstream. Gray background and the striped texture represents the norm and how mainstream follows the same path every single time. The white crack is the point of the change. And from that crack comes the difference, proud ans shining. Wanting to explore the world and outshine. It wants to be different. It wants to be original. And when it comes out, nothing is able to stop it from being itself. And that is what that rainbow coloured mass represents.

I would love to hear what feeling or ideas this brings to you if it brings anything at all.
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