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BT - Jingaling, King of All Things Jinjo
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Published: August 29, 2017
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I told a friend (Altermentality) that I'd draw a King Jingaling that wasn't dead since we both pointed out in a chat that I always draw King Jingaling undead instead of living for some strange reason, and like one and a half years later, I finally draw a Jingaling, now fully living and not at all grey and craving the flesh of the living.

The last time I drew a colored picture of this guy was aaaaaall the way back in 2012.

In The Hall of the Zombie King by Turquoisephoenix

King Jingaling is rocking some darling fur trim and has freckles now because I try to go 80% Tooie, 20% Nuts and Bolts design when I draw Banjo characters, if I can. And the Nuts and Bolts Jingaling is pretty likeable in a game that does make a lot of the established characters jerks.

As for the pose, I like to believe that the jinjos are the closest thing the Isle of Hags has to the fae folk of yore in that they actually have access to a lot of magic but have a more laissez-faire, "well we're on the side of good but mostly we're about having fun" brand of morality. And King Jingaling can do things like fly or summon magical beams of death, but he'd rather lay about on his fainting couch or play bingo.

And for the record, Zombie Jing cannot fly/use magic/cast anything, because his magic is directly tied in with his lifeforce, which Gruntilda siphoned off. In fact, King Jingaling's lifeforce alone would've been enough to revive a normal person, but Gruntilda needed more souls because she's an ultra-powerful witch with magic of her own AND she wanted to become a strong Godwitch with the entire Isle of Hags.

...this somehow became a discussion on magic headcanons regarding the Banjo universe, but hey, Jingaling is a magical soul.

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Comments (12)
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TeensyWziard360|Professional Digital Artist
Boi he looks hot as hell
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TrainDude90S's avatar
I wonder what kind of powers the king actually has. 
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BronzeHeart92's avatar
Aww, what an adorable little creature...
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CitrusEucalyptus's avatar
CitrusEucalyptus|Professional General Artist
What a cutie! I love the how combined all of his game designs!

I hope that you have a great and blessed day/night!
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Rhayian's avatar
RhayianEdited |Hobbyist General Artist
He looks very adorable like that! <3
BUT.. When I played Banjo-Tooie the first time, the Zombie King Jingaling scared me a lot. ><
I never play Nuts & Bolts. But I saw some Artworks. They are beautiful! :heart:

BTW: I love your Art/Style! :D  Banjo Kazooie Emote - Banjo Approves  Keep it up!^^
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Turquoisephoenix's avatar
Turquoisephoenix|Student Filmographer
Zombie Jingaling is terrifying, and even gave me nightmares as a small child, but that's why I love him so.
He's just so...haunting. And he still tries to be helpful even though he's trying to eat your brains!

Nuts and Bolts is...polarizing, with people who love it and people who hate it. I personally thought it was just okay but I know friends who really love it!
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Rhayian's avatar
Rhayian|Hobbyist General Artist
Oh gosh!..  It was so scary to make nightmare with him! Tee-hee~
Lol, it's true! :'D

I listed some music in Nuts & Bolts, they are fantastic! "Thanks Grant Kirkhope :heart:"
In France, The review was good!
It reminds me Donkey Kong 64. Some peoples love this game and other hate it!

BTW: I played Banjo-Tooie this summer and some Boss are terrifying. (in Glitter Gulch Mine and Atlantis.) I forgot these names
No to mention the Giant Dinosaur leg in Terrydactyland, haha.
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emssik-la|Hobbyist Digital Artist
this boy!!!!! aaa im so glad theres more art of him, nice job! ❤
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Altermentality's avatar
Altermentality|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks again, again! :heart:

Your thoughts are pretty close to my own. The idea of them being especially innately magical would explain why Grunty consistently sees them as a threat, despite them seeming rather unassuming. I think most Jinjo magic is highly communal; in general they get stronger in numbers. This is exemplified by the Jinjonator being summoned through multiple Jinjos combining their magic, and explains why Grunty tries to scatter them (and even drove them out of their ancestral home to build her lair, where they had lived in more of a warren/nest situation). It also explains why Jingaling couldn't do much once his people had run off; he and his subjects literally gain strength from each other.

In my headcanon Minjos are more individually powerful, and also more adept at destructive magic. That's where we'd diverge a bit; I'm not sure Jinjos could do death beams, but Minjos can. There's actually no hard distinction between the two species; the Minjos broke off from the main tribe long, long ago in order to channel their magic in more aggressive and destructive ways, and since then have chosen to keep themselves isolated and not interbreed, to maintain the strength of their kind.
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Turquoisephoenix's avatar
Turquoisephoenix|Student Filmographer
So I seriously thought I responded to this comment and instead accidentally left you hanging for almost two months! Hahaha, anyway.

Yes, I agree on all of these! Gruntilda just really loves scattering them everywhere, and the ones in Showdown Town are rather aimless. Does it out of personal spite, or because she knows how powerful they are and how they'd see any powergrabs by her as a threat and put a stop to it?

And Grunty's Lair becomes rather sad if you start imagining it as a warren, and maybe those portals were how the jinjos used to travel in various places of the Isle of Hags (assuming you don't believe they aren't worlds that Gruntilda crafted herself, of course). Imagine them all hanging out in Treasure Trove Cove, happy Jinjos all.

The Minjo and Jinjo idea is super sound too! I like to think that because of this whole distinction, there isn't actually a King Mingaling despite common fan theories. I like to think that instead of a major ruling class, they probably either have no leader and are more isolated from each other, or they elect their leader through arena battle/show of who the strongest is. King Jingaling finds the whole thing barbaric. He wouldn't have scones with any leader of the minjos, no sir.
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Mobius-52's avatar
I like this but the spots on the skin and the curvature of the beak as it meets the rest of head and the curvature of his neck makes him look reptilian as opposed to avian.
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Turquoisephoenix's avatar
Turquoisephoenix|Student Filmographer
He does have those freckles in Nuts and Bolts, actually! =) (that's also why his cloak has the fur trim; this is the Tooie model with some Nuts and Bolts details added) They're a little bit fainter on his character model, though. I kinda made them more prominent after I saw this one concept art that Rare posted: s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/o…

As for jinjos being avian, I honestly saw them as like a weird mix between birds and reptiles and mammals. They have darling little dog ears so I always imagined their snouts being kinda snouty as opposed to them being beaks.
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