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Dipper: Yeah, call the hospital, I dont think that was suppose to bend

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You'd think with his day job of exploring the weird and running from cryptids, Dipper would be a bit more flexible.

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Ja, ja ,ja, me gusta el detalle de las piernas peludas de Dipper (Y estoy segura de que se puso feliz cuando comenzó a desarrollar más vello masculino). Es verdad: Las veces que hacía yoga, terminaba muerta de cansancio porque hay unas poses bien exigentes

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Not gonna lie......

But Dipper isn't gonna survive this YOGA therapy session...

I'm telling you......

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Yikes, I'm having gym flashbacks...

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He loves her SOOOOOO much!

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That hardly seems like a "stretchy" position. What is his problem?

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Esto le va a doler en la mañana.

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Poor Dipper can’t get the hang of yoga.
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Anything to keep up with her.

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The pain in his eyes... I can nearly feel it.

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Pffffft! I could see this totally happening

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I would feel the same way.:D

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Dipper's not looking too happy...

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Hahaha poor Dipper 😂
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Pacifica probably thought herself yoga and meditation techniques after meeting Dipper so she could finally calm down after everything her parents had put her through.
Dipper on the other hand may not still fully understand the word “relax!
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I would love if you made one of the gwen and the axolotl doll

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its not fair, pacifica has had years of ballet training

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Dipper needs to shave his legs

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I'm getting GTA V flashbacks from this... eugh

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