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The Pines

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Just one word: WONDERFUL

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Is it just me or do Dipper and Mabel's mother look like she's pregnant?

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Me gusta el detalle de que está el gato de Mabel que vemos en el primer episodio, y si no me equivoco, los señores Pines también están vestidos en la misma ropa que sale en el retrato al fondo de los gemelos cuando los preparan para viajar

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What a WONDERFUL (a)normal family! ^^

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Nice to see their parents for once..

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Wow... Dipper escribió su propio diario?? Y ni siquiera te olvidaste del gato!!!

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Pines, pines, pines!

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For the next Dipcifica image, can you make it Dipper fiddling with Pacifica’s hair? Her hair looks amazing.

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I bet the Dad's name is Clifford lol

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I remember the artist saying a previous drawing of their parents she imagines the dads name to be Henry, or something like that.

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Cool design! I love it. Now i‘m curious of how they met Pacifica? And reacted when they heard that she and Dipper are dating. Would be cool to see that.

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Gotta love the design of the parents

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La familia de Shermy Pines.

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Nope, Shermie is their Grandfather

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Yes, and they are his son, his daughter-in-law, and his grandchildren, Shermy's family.

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You did a great job designing the parents

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I've never seen fan art speculating on what their parents look like before. Mrs. Pines looks really cute.

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So, THAT how their Parents looks like^^ - nice^^

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Hmm dipper, mabel wirt waddles....need to think of mother's name

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