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**edit: Gave it a blue background because the transparent really looked shitty! I promise you can change the blue ;).

I've never done this before but I really wanted to give you guys some free stuff so I decided to enter this greyscale for FREE USE!

The file is split into lines, body greyscale, mane/tail greyscale, hoof greyscale, and eye greyscale. So that way, if you don't like any of the things I've done or you want to just use the lineart, you can!

Please just follow these simple rules and you can use this in any way you wish.

:bulletblue: Credit me in the description if on dA
:bulletblue: Put a comment below telling me where you used it!
:bulletblue: Changes may be made to anything you want but credit must still be given to me for the original
:bulletblue: You may use these for point/money adoptables

And that's it! Have fun making adorable little foalies! :la:
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i cant find the layer where to draw ;o
i can only draw on one layer and when i draw on there all the shades are gone :o *cries*
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Yup, it's intended as a base for an Overlay layer. 

Add a new layer with your color then play with your settings for what type of layer it is. Usually an Overlay layer will work best but sometimes something else might work better for what color you're using.

Hope that answers your question!
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Used :) Thank you for your wonderfull greyscale!
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I couldn't open it in GIMP 2.0
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Used twice (So far) Thank you!

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great job!
how do i color it in though? i can't figure out how to use it. i downloaded it too.
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Your wonderful greyscale was used here: [link]
Thank you for the use!
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thanks for using my greyscale!
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You're welcome!
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