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Satellite Launch!
We were preparing some evening popcorn when we noticed this GIANT GLOWING CLOUD 
After some observing, we came to the conclusion that it was caused by two falling meteors, BUT ALAS WE WERE WRONG

We learned a while after that it actually came from a satellite launch! The whole event was caught on video (from a weather chopper I think?) and they had a live feed! 
Comments during the event ranged from "OH MY GOD THE WORLD IS ENDING" to "well there goes Santa"



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-250% Reality
United States

Welcome to my page! <3 Here you will find photos of crazy animals, weird weather and drawings of robots. I am absolutely addicted to Transformers, and once you get me started talking about them I wont stop. When I am not drawing or doing school stuff, I am reading, playing piano or watching anime and ghost hunters. I love to watch Science Fiction movies right before bed, and I am proud to say I survived the Alien Quadrilogy!


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Thanks for the watch! Love 
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hii turquink i was a old friend of yours and i'd like to start talking again ;(?
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Oh hai!
Sure, I'd love to talk with you again. However, I'm afraid I cannot recognize you. 
I have a Skype if you would like to chat there. I am also available on Animal Jam, Wizard101, and World of Warcraft. Or here if that's okay XD
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Thanks for the llama!:) (Smile)
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You're welcome! Thank you for your favorite! I am a dummy! 
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You're welcome
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