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On the outskirts of a city half-enclosed by a glass wall, you find yourself in the center of a festival. Humanoids with glass wings mill around playing games and eating, the contents of their wings glittering in the bright sun. Other races roam about as well, mingling and cheering on their companions, but it's increasingly clear to you that something about this celebration is especially important to the glass-winged folk wandering around in bustling excitement.

Before you can become too preoccupied, a sudden excited chirp catches your attention, and you turn to see a bubbly young lady bouncing in place and waving you over with a big grin. She stands at a large picnic table next to a monotone young man holding a clipboard, and as you approach you catch a faint aroma of strawberries drifting off of her. Upon the table in front of them are makeshift nests crafted from soft hay and small blankets, and resting upon each is a different glass egg a little larger than your head, all shifting and rustling and filled with various different liquids and objects.

"Hiya!" The blonde strawberry-scented woman beeps at you when you're close enough, and you're almost convinced that she's about to explode, "You're new around here, right? O-M-G, you're just in time for the most amazing thing ever!"

You inquire what this 'most amazing thing ever' could be, and she does an excited little jog in place as her glass wings flap, sloshing their pale pink contents about.

"Only the biggest relief in history, duh! So we like, totally were having big troubles making eggs lately, and all of a sudden like, all our prayers were answered! Our research team came back from Mother Mountain with a buttload of eggs, and the Primordials there said we could keep them since they didn't know where they came from! Isn't that like, totally amazing??!"

You let your unsure gaze slide slowly over to her companion, who looks over the top of his clipboard at you with an expression telling you that his friend is always this excitable, deadpanning, "It means our species is thriving and we're going to be seeing a lot of new kids wandering around."

Oh. Ohhh. Yeah, that is pretty exciting.

The blonde rocks forward on her heels, planting her hands on an empty space on the table and leaning toward you, "So like, these eggs are close to hatching and we're keeping an eye on them, but it still might be a while! I'd really, really like if you watched them hatch with us, but until it's time why don't you go around and totally have some baller fun? All our friends have some super duper fun games set out, and there's like, some reallllly good food over that way that I really, really want," She pouts, lower lip jutting out cutely, "But Tensei says I gotta stay here the whole time, so you're just gonna have to enjoy it all for me instead, okay?"

You hesitate, glancing around - unsure where to begin - and then back at the miraculous eggs again.

Tensei, as the woman had called him, sighs and looks at you sympathetically, "It's okay, we've still got around 2-4 hours until they hatch, and Katty and I will be watching over them the whole time. Go have some fun, alright?"

Needing no further prompting - despite the eager and insistent pushing on your upper back from Katty herself - you turn around to look in awe of all the things you could possible do, with a realm of endless opportunity ahead of you.

。・:*˚:✧。•❅───✧❅✦❅✧───❅•* . °•★|•°∵ ∵°•|☆•° . *•❅───✧❅✦❅✧───❅•。✧:˚*:・。

With a new year comes a new closed species, and with a new closed species comes a brand new MYO Event!!

To participate
Members must post a dA or TH journal promoting the species (linking the grand opening post) and become a member of the Discord server in order to join. Upon doing so, they will be placed into the Inventory and given x1 Starter Egg and 300 Fibers that can be saved or used immediately.

Starter Eggs are special, one-per-person MYO Eggs, available only during the opening event that contain x1 Uncommon Trait, x1 Rare Trait, and x1 Very Rare Trait!
These eggs are only valid until the end of the event, in which they will be Voided.

Once they have both posted the journal and joined the Discord, members must reply to the correct pinned comment linking their post. They may tag up to 3 people, and will be rewarded an extra 50 Fibers per tag. It is also encouraged to share this event in other groups and servers only if they don't have rules against it. Providing proof of this will reward members who do so with an extra x1 Very Rare Trait.

There are also booths that members can participate in, the mechanics of which will be posted below.

Gacha & Adopts
For the event, Moderators will be posting adopts that will have a few different methods of obtaining, and at the end of the event, there will be a gacha hosted by both moderators and any guest artists brought on-board. The gacha will consist of several designs, which can only be acquired through irl currency.

The rules for each adopt and the gacha itself may vary, so please pay close attention in order to make sure that we're all acting fairly.

Members must already be on the Inventory to be able to participate in stalls. Characters used for the stalls must be from the species to reap any reward. The event will last until 12AM on March 1st, but the gacha will be open until April 1st, whereupon any remaining designs will be returned to their designer, who will decide what to do with them.

Stalls will be available for members to earn more prizes or Fibers. These stalls will consist of games and other interactive events (ie.: face painting, food, wheel spin). Half of these stalls will be free-to-play, and the other half will require a small amount of event currency to play. Each stall will have a specific set of prizes, which will be rolled by whoever is tending to that specific booth.

Event Currency
Glass Marbles.

Your average, everyday glass marbles that the Founders have instructed NPCs to hand out as rewards for attending stalls. They’re all clear and only slightly cloudy, but have multi-coloured swirls inside.

…In all honesty, it was a last minute decision the top scientists came up with. When they brought it up to Beau, he asked what the currency was going to be, and they replied, ‘I dunno… what do we have lying around?’

It's fine. We're fine.

Artwork by ArlPoint 
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