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Really nice gallery! :D (Big Grin) 
Yo, I noticed you have GooRs femshep fully working on SFM. I also have the same model, but it has a warped face no matter what outfit is equipped and I haven't really found a fix for it anywhere. Do you mind uploading the one you're using right now? Would really appreciate it. Thanks man.
I sent you a note just a while ago, but I think I should put some useful info here, too:

GMod models might work in SFM straight away (always try that first), but there might be problems. With character models the usual problems are: eyes are not working properly because the viewtarget is missing, ambient occlusion doesn't work.

There's a "quick and dirty" way to fix such problems. It requires 3 steps:
1) decompile the model (I'd recommend using crowbar's decompiler)
2) adjust the .qc file in the decompiled model's folder
3) recompile the model using the modified .qc file

Note: this decompile/recompile -method may not always work and in some cases it might actually break something. But if you don't have access to the original source files, it's really the best bet you have.
In any case: always have backups!!!

Crowbar makes quite good .qc files for SFM use, so sometimes just simply decompiling/recompiling might fix some problems.

Fixes in the .qc file for those two common problems:

1) Eyes are not working (because viewtarget is missing):
Add these lines in the $model section (between the { and } where the other flexcontrollers are):

flexcontroller eyes range -45 45 eyes_updown
flexcontroller eyes range -45 45 eyes_rightleft

2) Ambient occlusion doesn't work:
In most cases adding this line (or making sure that it exists in the created .qc file) is enough:


Of course, using this approach means that you have to be familiar with the process of decompiling and recompiling source models. Luckily there is a bunch of tutorials for that in written and video form and they can be found quite easily.

I hope this helps at least someone ;)
Hey! Thank you for accepting the submission requests!
Would you like filling a few of the other folders, too?
Especially Jane x Ash is badly needed in the Mass Effect femslash field.
No problem, thanks for the req's!

I do have some ideas with different ME pairings, but they're all still a bit... vague at this point. I usually like to have a little background story in my mind before I even begin to do anything, so the ideas tend to take quite a long time to "mature". I also like to keep an open mind so I'm not ruling any pairings out, so Jane x Ash is possible too :)

Considering same sex pairings, I'd like to first try something with Kaidan and Maleshep (mostly because I haven't already), but I haven't got the background story quite right yet... but I definitely want to at least try something.

I've been a bit too busy with work (and other stuff) lately (only one submission so far this year! :( (Sad)), but I hope things calm down a bit soon, so I'd have more time and energy for creative stuff :) (Smile) 
I wouldn't have even considered Mshenko, because most guys seem to be less interested in it, but I'm very happy to hear you want to try your hand on that one! :)
Once you managed to create a new work, you know where to find the group! :iconbro-fist: