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.: Angelina Jolie :.



Woo. Been workin on this one for a shit load of time. Shaz is all amazing and finished her parts speedy. But no, Kat let it drag on and on and on.

This is a collaboration between me and ^ChewedKandi, vexel artist extraordinaire. You can find her vexel account at [link] for all of you who are familiar with the site.

Collaboration goes as follows
Shaz did the skin (the beautiful flawless skin), the irises of the eyes and the lips.
I did the jewelry, the hair, the eye shading and the lil sheet shading stuff in the background. AND IT TOOK FOREVER. FUCK.

Disclaimer: Angie is Shaz's fettish, not mines. But OMG I love the sparklies. Look at the fullview if only for the sparklies.

Original: [link]
Collaboration: ^ChewedKandi/~turp
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