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Published: July 14, 2010
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Jared-The-RabbitHobbyist General Artist
Then the house was destroyed.
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DoctorlysumStudent Photographer
Creepers are my fav mobs in Minecraft
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DoctorlysumStudent Photographer
Creepers are one of my fav mobs in Minecraft
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But then the freaking Creepers came. 
How'd they even get in outer space? 
It's enough for you to go insane. 
Because of them I am suffocating. 
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...nailed it *claps*
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I have one thing to do creepers and on thing to say FUCK YOU CREEPERS(puts up finger)my house,my stuff, all I had in my chest was wooden tools,seeds and you blew up EVERTHING (this event happened years ago when I was new to minecraft,first and last noob moment,never let a creeper into your house to test a trapdoor)But that's very nice PICTURE you have there,would it be a shame if I FAVED it. Hahahahahahahahaha!!!
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wizzelteetHobbyist General Artist
yesssssssssssss......i sssseee.....
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LightningLCieStudent Traditional Artist
Damn... For me I always. Go.Into.LAVA. RAAGGGEEE
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And you think you have it bad!
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I lost my stuff In lava once 4diemond,36iron ore,14 gold ore, full iron suit,2iron picks,1diemond pick,1 iron sword,1 bow,26 red stone,5porkchops,(in my minecraft "planet I like to call it wheat is very hard to find and so is suger and when I did find the ingrdants to craft a cake(because you have to use a crafting table)I made a cake)a cake, a saddle,12cookies and 3 apples. I lost it because i got greedy and forgot the golden rule NEVER DIG DOWN! Fell two blocks into lava and died. rage quit! And broke my mouse shouting FUCK!
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i like how creepers just know your there and they turn their head in a 180 and look at you for a second and your thinking "Oh shit..." while they run at you... ssssssssssss KA-BOOM!!
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All it takesssss is one misssstake...
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Belen-1999Hobbyist General Artist
Creeper: I see you have a lovely house… NOT ANYMORE….
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technoplasmaHobbyist General Artist
Very cute :D
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OoxXShuIkXxoOHobbyist General Artist
is that a from bluexphos??
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binarystepHobbyist Digital Artist
That'ssss a nice drawing you've got there... It would be a sssshame if ssssomething happened to it...
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Amazing would you draw a request for me
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Cornelious-RaidonHobbyist Digital Artist
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Shaprite91Student General Artist
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this makes me laugh :))
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xMRxSWEETSxStudent Traditional Artist
totaly worth 20 bucksssssssssssssssssssssss
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Skeletor1991Student Interface Designer
Best. Comic. Ever.
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