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| 014. Echo - Dave Strider x Reader |
The first time you met him, you saw him as an insufferable bastard who texted during class time. Of course - you were far from wrong, but at the same time, you were teetering on the edge, because Dave Strider was not too much of an insufferable bastard if you decided to actually impress him. Sadly, at first, this was not your full intention.
It was around English class, wherein one of your teachers had let you sit in the back because you really didn't want to sit in the front at all that day; you were going through too much bullshit assignments that you didn't finish due to God's wonderful gift we call procrastination.
Lo and behold, there was this one 'self-proclaimed cool dude' sitting beside you, pestering some guy called 'EB' (which, weirdly enough, looked like a crooked cat emoticon with shades) and his screen name was apparently turntechGodhead; the other guy was ectoBiologist. Well - Roxy mentioned to you once about how ectobiology usually has slime in the process, and yo
:iconturntech-testified:turntech-Testified 32 9
The Morning After | Jake English x Reader
[Name] DEFINITELY did not expect waking up in a room that wasn't hers, in a place she was sure looked like Jass'. And she definitely did NOT expect to see someone foreign beside her - but judging by the messy mop of black hair and cracked glasses, she assumed the worst - or maybe the best, even.
Glitter decorated the room almost randomly, and she was terrified that it was her doing. The one beside her clearly wasn't fond of glitter - and once the guy had rolled over it had shown that yes; she did fuck Jake English last night, judging by the lack of clothing they both had and the scent of whiskey present in the already thick air.
[Name] couldn't help it - she sneaked off the bed, her hair in a complete mess. She had to ask Jade to braid it again after she'd shower - but nothing masked the alcohol that still was there. She put on her clothes in a hurry, and she snatched her phone.
Her phone had lots of notifications about a video - and it apparently meant that yes, s
:iconturntech-testified:turntech-Testified 54 10
Ringtone|Kiyotaka Ishimaru x Reader
It wasn't like him.
He was Ishimaru Kiyotaka; he was the one who kept everyone in check. He was the best moral compass his friends had. He imposed rules and was a complete perfectionist. Falling in love was favourable in a school environment; but it was not supposed to be him who was going to. Ishimaru was going to go absolutely insane.
He walked towards the third classroom, where he knew you were. You had a penchant for staying behind after class hours; you didn't exactly study even if you did. Ishimaru coughed, before he knocked and opened the door to the classroom. "May I enter?"
"Ishimaru! Heya!"
Oh, crud, he was going insane. He didn't know what he was thinking about going here. It was a mistake. But he didn't back down from what he had already achieved... no matter how small it actually seemed.
Or, maybe he already was insane, asking his closest friend [Name] for advice. It was bad enough he liked someone
:iconturntech-testified:turntech-Testified 34 3
Home Run|Leon Kuwata x Reader
He seemed to be having a great time practicing with Maizono Sayaka; you weren't going to deprive him of that. No, you weren't jealous - you were just being territorial. Being jealous is wanting what you didn't have, being territorial is just protecting what you already have. There was a huge difference between the two, and you were going to prove that point. Maizono wasn't flirting with Kuwata, but god damn they sat too fucking close to each other that you swore you were going to rip your eyes out.
No, maybe Kuwata wasn't your boyfriend. He was one of your closest - if not already the closest! - friends, and you were sure that Maizono also was one of yours. You knew that Maizono didn't know that you had a particular... like for someone by the name of Kuwata Leon, but it was difficult not to be jealous about what was developing between them. Who the hell would not be jealous
:iconturntech-testified:turntech-Testified 28 7
Airplanes | John Egbert x Reader
It started gradually. You were sitting in the back of the class, mulling over the problems that were written on your paper. For a sixth grader, it was particularly easy to know exponents as it was tackled in the former grades; however, the summer had caused you to forget most - if not all - of the lessons for the past years. Being introduced to PesterChum, it did make you rather addicted to it; however, you weren't going to let your studies slip through your fingers like a lost treasure. You didn't exactly like school, because it wasn't really the best thing in the world, but you might as well study because you had an education that your guardian paid for. It would be a shame if you didn't use it wisely.
You were nibbling on your pen already. It wasn't necessarily edible, but the last thing you ate was at recess, and it was cake. You were kind of tired of cake. Your guardian made really good (hah, no) cakes, but it wasn't something you could live with every day. It got tiri
:iconturntech-testified:turntech-Testified 11 13
[6]Too Far|Dirk Strider x Reader {{END?}}
"Jass, are you even sure that you know what you're doing?"

"Dirk, I'm three years younger than you, and your doubt's just fine.

"But how will you know that what you have is true when your heart isn't open to something? Just because you're a destroyer class, Dirk, does not mean you can't do anything about it. You can destroy things with Heart, and not just Heart.

"And that's what I plead, Dirk.

"Don't destroy [Name]'s heart."
Dirk had been mulling over that day. It had been three months since the day [Name] 'asked him out', and a few weeks since their last 'date', but there was just something he couldn't place a hand on. Was Jass... right? She was saying the truth; she was only sixteen, barely turning seventeen only a month or two before Dave and him being twenty exactly. But sixteen, with him being such a *Genre Savvy guy who knows his TVTropes, is the numb
:iconturntech-testified:turntech-Testified 11 2
[2/3] Ice | Dave Strider x Reader
( Sequel to Snow which you really should read first! Again, both Dave and the Reader are Time players if Sburb happened. But it didn't, in this timeline. Happy reading, guys!)

'And yet, you didn't - you weren't able to save him, [Name]. You were late.
'Far too late.'
[Name] woke up with a gasp. Her eyes were bloodshot, tears trickling down her face. She didn't remember too much why she was crying - but, vividly, she remembered that her best friend Dave had visited her, they had gone skating... and, through a blur of events, it ultimately led up to him staring at her with lifeless ruby irises, the fire that burned behind them just simply gone; and a voice that was telling her that she was just far too late.
Fear grasped around her like a vice. The date today was the 2nd of December - it was the exact, sam
:iconturntech-testified:turntech-Testified 6 5
[1/3] Snow | Dave Strider x Reader
(A bit of a note before you start reading: both Dave and the Reader are supposedly Time players if Sburb happened. But it didn't, in this timeline.Happy reading! Also, I have never been to Texas so I have no idea if it snows there, but let's pretend it does, ahahaha!)
It was cold. So, so cold.
Dave was wondering why he was sacrificing a perfectly warm time in his and his bro's apartment to meet [Name], but he might as well go now that he was already outside, and before he would regret this decision. His feet crunched against the snow on the pavement, with little snowflakes falling down and tickling his nose. Nevertheless he kept a stoic expression, despite the amusement trickling in his eyes from the snow that was enveloping Texas.
The blond-haired boy slowly began to reach a more grim, desolate part of town - and he described it as 'grim' because of the fact that almost all the people in that neighborhood had taken a dislike to him, aside from [Name]. He reme
:iconturntech-testified:turntech-Testified 8 5
[5]Too Far|Dirk Strider x Reader
Dirk barely got any sleep.
He was greeted with the smell of… oddly, orange juice. He loved orange juice (as opposed to Dave's liking to apple juice. Dirk thought it was probably all because of their goddamn liking of colors. Red, orange, blue, green…) and that was sort of enough for him to open his eyes, but he blinked rapidly as he tried to adjust to the light. Everything seemed to be so… bright?
Shit, his shades. Now where the hell did his AutoResponder go...? The shades can't walk away, or anything, and clearly it would be strange as hell for it to do so. This was like some fanfiction. Once the main character has someone from their past return, shit goes down for real. Yeah, Dirk considered himself as the main character. It wouldn't be a fanfiction if he wasn't a protagonist or a deuteragonist or whatever. He didn't exactly get to read too much TVTropes now.
"Yo, broski. Rise an' shine."
It wasn't AR, or Dave. Technically.
It was Davesprite.
:iconturntech-testified:turntech-Testified 11 3
[4]Too Far|Dirk Strider x Reader
Dirk probably needed to get smacked in the face; and he also probably fucking needed to get his ears cleaned. He decided not to say that he went here ready to ask her if she would be a fake girlfriend, and so to speak it just happened that it was a coincidence that the both of them needed 'significant others' at the same time. Maybe the universe he lived in wasn't so bad, with its timing and all. Not that horrible, anyways. "Yeah, sure," Dirk said, after an awkward silence while his thoughts were a raging flow like waves crashing against rocks. "I can do that, yep, but… why me? I mean, you just moved in and all, your parents might think I'm…" The blonde tried to think of the right word. "Just 'some guy' off the street."
"They remember you, actually," [Name] said in a slightly sheepish tone of voice, twiddling with the hems of her [color] tank top. Dirk saw her cringe, but for what reason, he didn't know. He hoped it wasn't for a reason that she was regretting to decide he w
:iconturntech-testified:turntech-Testified 10 2
From Afar|Eridan Ampora x Reader
- au -
Eridan grinned at you from afar. No matter what day or time it was, you always managed to make him smile. Your overall personality was just so... alluring. He didn't understand why you kept his mood happy whenever you were around. Maybe it was because... no, he can't. That's not something Eridan would go to yet. He's six solar sweeps, for fuck's sake. Not.. yet...
A year later and Eridan still has a habit of smiling at you, especially whenever you'd approach him and talk about how wonderful your day was, or when you'd ask him about what happened in his before you'd notice that smile, before Eridan would immediately hide it with a scowl and be adamant about denying it. He'd never tell, but it was you and only you who caused him to smile like that. Then again, there was a possibility that... Ampora. Get a hold of yourself. Eridan was starting to get irked with all the thoughts that had been struggling to convince him that dude, [Name]'s the one. He barely smiled, and yet here he w
:iconturntech-testified:turntech-Testified 29 8
[3]Too Far|Dirk Strider x Reader
The next day, Dirk was awoken by a crash and water splashing his face - but he wasn't in the least bit surprised with what had occured. Dave most likely decided to get some stuff from the nearest Mini Mart and try to cook. It happened every week, and Dirk appreciated that his brother was actually attempting to have a go on making meals and not deciding to order some pizza again, but this happening every Sunday was kinda annoying… sort of. Well, this was why he had a good relationship with Dave; a healthy sibling rivalry made it. "Dave," Dirk called out, in a slightly scratchy voice. He wasn't as bleary-eyed as he expected himself to be. "Did you burn something again?"
"I was trying to make pancakes!" Dirk heard Dave respond, and the former rubbed his eyes as he decided to make his way to the kitchen. The slightest hint of a voice crack in his younger brother's voice almost made him laugh. Seriously, sometimes he was a sadist to his own sibling, but nonetheless he'd hate seeing Da
:iconturntech-testified:turntech-Testified 15 2
[2]Too Far|Dirk Strider x Reader
"So, when did you move in here, [Name]?" Dave asked the aforementioned young girl, taking the chocolate chip cookies and setting them down on the most spacious and available space - which meant the dining table (while everything on it was tossed away onto the floor, courtesy of the both of them rushing for a space for the choco-chip cookies. Those two were a sucker for those kinda shit) and that made it a bit difficult for [Name] to not snicker - Dirk saw that she definitely was more mature than when he last... saw... her. Okay, let's not think about that moment.
"Or are you just here to visit the two Striders who clearly are cool enough for your time?" Dirk had to keep his usually... cocky(?) attitude. It sounded horribly wrong, (cock-y? Seriously? Who even invented that word?) but the elder blonde had guessed that it was plausible that he sometimes had his bark worse than his bite; most of the time that was
:iconturntech-testified:turntech-Testified 19 2
[1]Too Far|Dirk Strider x Reader
"Bro, it's fucking Christmas here, can't you see?!"
The oddly-cheerful and extremely excited voice of Dirk "Irony Chief/King" Strider's brother Dave was just slowly creeping into the one that people would call... creepy. It just wasn't him to act like that. Okay, unless he found apple juice. It was his tagline whenever he'd find an unopened bottle of apple juice whenever they had ran out; however, Dirk did not find that in any way interesting. Apple juice wasn't 'the shit' as his brother claimed. He'd rather prefer Doritos over those: any time, anywhere. Ironic seeing as his brother is the Knight of Time, and yet right now, he can't go out; not at this time of the (k)night. Well, not really. Dirk just wanted to make a pun.
Finally, after a moment of staring at Lil Cal to think of what to say (also known as, something that wouldn't offend Dave all-too much), he stated, "Dave, if that's just another unopened bottle of apple juice, I am going to strangle-
:iconturntech-testified:turntech-Testified 26 11
Twirl|Kankri Vantas x Reader
Your father was a kind, gentle and appreciative man. He had told you to stop and smell the roses, to see the little pieces that form the bigger picture. He made you know and appreciate what life is, be it a human's or something smaller, like an insect. Maybe you never knew why he taught you that, but that was something out of the way.
You stood in front of your ancestral house. This house was where you met the Beforans, the Alternians, eight teens the same as your age and two cherubs who were friendly enough if they wanted to be. And you loved it here, because whenever you'd host parties, your friends would call it 'the best'; and you never wanted to let go of this place, as long as it was possible not to. Every time you'd pass by, there'd always be a smile tugging at the edges of your lips until they had finally curled upwards, even the tiniest bit, even if you were really down.
Your father taught you something else, and, right now, you were slowly twirling, arms outs
:iconturntech-testified:turntech-Testified 44 15
Kiss Me|Dave Strider x Reader
Valentines' Day, Quadrants' Day, whatever the fuck people called it. 'Cause to be honest, it felt like it was Singles' Appreciation Day (SAD) for you. To be even more honest, you just had a crush on a self-proclaimed cool kid who really acted like a total hipster dork with how he was. Just take a look at his alchemized outfits. See? Hiiipster dooork! Always up to the trends... and collecting dead shit in jars? Man, he needs a life better than you did. Well, maybe you needed more of a life than him...
Of course, you being you, you were too busy reading the ever-awesome webcomic The Midnight Crew; which was why you needed an actual, useful life even more so than Dave did. He introduced it to you once, but he had skipped, according to him, 'a few hundred pages or so.' You called bullshit on that, because you think he was only starting and then skipped to the most recently-uploaded one. It made you think that was stupid of him to do so, and whenever you'd ask him if he read those pa
:iconturntech-testified:turntech-Testified 78 18


homestuck sprite tutorials! by homestuckspritebases homestuck sprite tutorials! :iconhomestuckspritebases:homestuckspritebases 210 5 -AnIronicScheck- by RobicTheEscapist -AnIronicScheck- :iconrobictheescapist:RobicTheEscapist 82 25 Homestuck: Davezi the first by NancyStageRat Homestuck: Davezi the first :iconnancystagerat:NancyStageRat 196 19 [UNDERTALE] (Spoiler?) Dirty Brother Killer by DerpyFoxGirl [UNDERTALE] (Spoiler?) Dirty Brother Killer :iconderpyfoxgirl:DerpyFoxGirl 3 0
The Tension Is Real (Dirk x Reader)
It was war between you and your boyfriend, Dirk. It all started when Dirk decided to challenge you to a bet.
"Whoever breaks from pent up sexual desire first, loses." He said as he pulled you flush against him, his smirk ever present on his face.
"And what do I get out of this?" You said, glaring at the triangle shaded, incredibly attractive Strider. He paused to think it over then gave you a devilish grin.
"If you win, I'll do whatever you want me to, unconditionally." 
"That doesn't sound like much."
"For a week?" He said. You rolled your eyes.
"Still doesn't sound like much." You said.
"A year." He said. You paused.
"...An entire year of doing anything I want."
"Unconditionally?" Dirk nodded.
Thinking it over, a whole year of Dirk doing anything you want unconditionally?
:iconkekerox1:KekeRox1 143 26
God Tier Academy | Dirk x Reader {Introduction}
“In the Genesis Frog, there is a place called the Incipisphere. The Incipisphere is home to our galaxy. In our Galaxy, there are four main Planets or ‘components’. Earth, where all Human life flourishes. Alternia, home to the trolls, an ancient species whose superiority complex has led them into complete denial that humans are able to live without a hierarchy or monarch, The Comet Belt, where all cherubs, another alien species sharing DNA links to the Trolls, albeit slightly more violent, spend their days in solitude until they reach maturity and venture out into the cosmos, and then, there is Skaia.
Skaia is the planet in the middle of our universe and naturally, the planet where all others revolve around. Skaia was once home to the most brutal battlefield ever to befall the galaxy. The Battle of Zillyhoo, as the battle was most commonly known, originally started over the monarchs of Prospit and Derse, the moons or ‘Dream Worlds’ Of Skaia.
Prospit and Der
:iconkaisorroxnam:KaiSorRoxNam 37 12
HAPPY HALLOWEEN! by DerpyFoxGirl HAPPY HALLOWEEN! :iconderpyfoxgirl:DerpyFoxGirl 1 0
Blank Homestuck OC Sheet Thing
Basic Information:
Derse or Prospit?:
Fetch Modus:
Strife Specibus:
Game Entry Item: (John's apple, Dave's egg, etc)
Sprite: (Prototypes, pre- or post-entry, and final form)
Exile: (Their name and function pre- and post-exile)
Server Player:
Client Player:
Title: _____ of _____
Active or Passive?:
Medium: Land of ____ and ____
Troll-Specific Information: (Human characters delete this section!)
Blood color:
Symbol: (Describe its appearance and how you thought of it)
Hive: (Appearance and general location)
Human-Specific Information: (Troll characters delete this section!)
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Skin Tone:
Symbol: (Describe its appearance and how you thought of it)
Other family: (Eg, Jade's grandfather.)
Home: (Appearance and general location)
Typing style:
Relationship status:
:iconlarkorthenightingale:LarkortheNightingale 1,536 293
Restless Mistakes {Dave Strider x Reader}
Awakening from your slumber you hummed hearing the soft pitter patter of rain upon your tin roof. A small smile made its way onto your lips, rain always made you feel so tranquil and peaceful. A small sigh squeezed past your lips, you slipped open one of your eyelids spotting a short shadowed figure leaning against your door frame.
“What are you doing just standing there, come here.” You sat up as the figure came staggering forward.
“Ahhh~!” The small child squealed cutely before crawling up onto the bed and into your arms. The small amount of moonlight slipping in between the slits of your blinds revealed the child’s sparkling eyes. You ran a soft hand through the little amount of hair on its head, the other cupping its small cheek. The light flickered on, you looked up.
“Dave, honey you’re home.” You grinned, he nodded a grin etching onto his own face, and it was in no way a happy grin. It was the kind of grin that made the hairs on the
:iconpewdelia12:Pewdelia12 24 16




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I'm a sucker for Dirk Strider Reader Inserts and I also love reading and writing songfics. Overall, I love a lot of things, but Homestuck stands out. B)

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