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Im already home

I’m in the hall already, on the wall already
I’m a work of art, im a Warhol already
On another level, on another plane already
H-O-V i got my own lane already
I done cooked up the rock already
So why the fuck can’t ya’ll get hot already
Put your name in the pot already, then you can compare me to Biggie and Pac already
Like im gone already and i am nigga i’m already home already
If ya’ll can’t already see i aint worried about ya’ll cos i’m already me
Do you already, enough of the complaining bo-who’s already
Eat food already, aint nothing given you gotta claim your shoes already.

(Yes this is snow leopard. I'm testing a beta version of themepark for SL )
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Hi bro , sorry to ask again but I lost my mac icon like you have on the dock the black and red with drips you see ? I know he was in macthemes thread but I can't refind him :( I know it's a Japanese designer mac , I think .. help please !!
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turn can you send me a container with your beats collection please ? And some icons you love ? I will do the same for u if u want :)
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I'm sorry but I had a hard drive malfunction not too long ago... so I pretty much lost my candy bar collection.
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oh shit :( I had the same problem one week ago ... thanks anyway but try to find all the beats you had before . Do u know who made them ? Check my last screens and SC4 plus lock screen bro ;)
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Never seen a beautiful screen like this Turn <3 I just start theming my Lion this is really hard .. Can I ask u some mods if you have for Lion ? I know it's hard for lion but I think you can help me a little :) I would love to have your beats by dre sets icons, I see you have them with lots different colors , I was wondering if u can share some icons with me please :) thanks
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Love how everything fits so well together.
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very beautiful !!
do you have the download links for the icons ?
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I just don't get tired of looking at your stuff.
Congrats, this is an AMAZING theme. Could you upload the red Apple? I'd really appreciate it.
where did you get that dock?
fantastic work
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hey turn where did you find the trash icon
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wow this insipire me to do a new one :) good you give me some tips ? like the red arrows down there or the shade of icons left and in the left upper corner what exactly is it ?
Great work.

Any chance I could get this wallpaper?

Thanks. :)
man can you explain theme park ive download it but have no idea how to use it. been looking for tutorials online and nothing.
can you hook me up with the icon pack or if there a mix then the rorschach, quicktime, bloody imac plz.
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Sick! Could you shre the bg?
flo-kornprobst's avatar
hello, nice screenshot, could you link to the menubar icons?
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Awesome shot! :D
I know this is kinda noobish, tho I am new at Mac ..
How do you get one specific icon for all the folders on the lower left? :P
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Really well made! Instant :+fav:
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where i can get dock and icon??
it can use only for snow leopard?
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