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Untitled by turnoutthelights22 Untitled :iconturnoutthelights22:turnoutthelights22 0 6 me again doing my makeup by turnoutthelights22 me again doing my makeup :iconturnoutthelights22:turnoutthelights22 1 6 me doing my makeup by turnoutthelights22 me doing my makeup :iconturnoutthelights22:turnoutthelights22 1 9 this morning by turnoutthelights22 this morning :iconturnoutthelights22:turnoutthelights22 0 13 sleepover with Mollie lollie by turnoutthelights22 sleepover with Mollie lollie :iconturnoutthelights22:turnoutthelights22 1 0 sleepover with Mollie lollie by turnoutthelights22 sleepover with Mollie lollie :iconturnoutthelights22:turnoutthelights22 1 17 Sunday! by turnoutthelights22 Sunday! :iconturnoutthelights22:turnoutthelights22 2 2 me before my choir show by turnoutthelights22 me before my choir show :iconturnoutthelights22:turnoutthelights22 1 3 me by turnoutthelights22 me :iconturnoutthelights22:turnoutthelights22 1 2
why wont u answer me i say i want to be friends but really i just want u to like me u are always on my mind and always in my dreams when he looks at me and talks to me i cant breath the way he smiles makes my heart sore through the sky like an angel everything about him makes me so amazed at how wonderful he is all i have to say is jetaime and my heart aches for u
:iconturnoutthelights22:turnoutthelights22 2 2
jetaime by turnoutthelights22 jetaime :iconturnoutthelights22:turnoutthelights22 0 2
horrible truth
i know i may seem stupid but life isn't as easy as people say the stress gets to you when your alone afraid and hurt were do u turn do u turn to your parents who love you dearly or the friends you don't fit in with i choose neither because nobody truly knows me or understands me they think im just a dramatic drama queen who everyone thinks is a freak i may be weird but im not a sick animal or a freak i am who i am and know one will ever know the real me because once they scratch the surface of the real me they stop because they think im a freak i may be mean but its only to hide the shy little girl i have trapped and hidden i don't want people to see my weakness i hate crying no matter what i cry in the dark so nobody can see the pain and sadness i have endured over the hollow life i am an outsider that has fallen in love with a popular gorgeous boy i wish to call my boyfriend but he is to amazing for comprehension i am just a shy and passionate girl who loves so deeply that she only f
:iconturnoutthelights22:turnoutthelights22 1 0
pain of life
you never know the pain someone feels you know people never truly know you they don't know the pain you feel and as i write this i think of how people lie to me and tell me im pretty yet i feel disgust for myself how ugly and weird i am i am forever alone in a dark maze of pain and self pity my life is like an empty black hole i am a hallow shell i cry for no reason at all i want to be loved but how could a girl as ugly as me ever be loved i wish i could be skinny beautiful and be the girl everyone crushes on it is better to be alone i don't fit in with anybody i am and always will be forever alone in the hallow shell i call my body
:iconturnoutthelights22:turnoutthelights22 0 0
my heart by turnoutthelights22 my heart :iconturnoutthelights22:turnoutthelights22 0 1 love is love by turnoutthelights22 love is love :iconturnoutthelights22:turnoutthelights22 1 0 love by turnoutthelights22 love :iconturnoutthelights22:turnoutthelights22 0 12


Danny by molliepopluvsu Danny :iconmolliepopluvsu:molliepopluvsu 6 0 Da Kurlzz by molliepopluvsu Da Kurlzz :iconmolliepopluvsu:molliepopluvsu 5 0 Funny Man by molliepopluvsu Funny Man :iconmolliepopluvsu:molliepopluvsu 3 0 Johnny 3 Tears by molliepopluvsu Johnny 3 Tears :iconmolliepopluvsu:molliepopluvsu 4 0 J Dog by molliepopluvsu J Dog :iconmolliepopluvsu:molliepopluvsu 3 0 Meh by molliepopluvsu Meh :iconmolliepopluvsu:molliepopluvsu 7 13 Charlie Scene by molliepopluvsu Charlie Scene :iconmolliepopluvsu:molliepopluvsu 2 0 Deuce by molliepopluvsu Deuce :iconmolliepopluvsu:molliepopluvsu 3 0 What...? by molliepopluvsu What...? :iconmolliepopluvsu:molliepopluvsu 5 0 Attempted Pigtails by molliepopluvsu Attempted Pigtails :iconmolliepopluvsu:molliepopluvsu 5 6 Ecstacy-Fursona by molliepopluvsu Ecstacy-Fursona :iconmolliepopluvsu:molliepopluvsu 5 12 STOP IT by molliepopluvsu STOP IT :iconmolliepopluvsu:molliepopluvsu 6 0 DWAGON by molliepopluvsu DWAGON :iconmolliepopluvsu:molliepopluvsu 4 0 Eeeevil! by molliepopluvsu Eeeevil! :iconmolliepopluvsu:molliepopluvsu 3 3 Legion by molliepopluvsu Legion :iconmolliepopluvsu:molliepopluvsu 6 5 What now? by molliepopluvsu What now? :iconmolliepopluvsu:molliepopluvsu 3 0


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it really sucks to like a senior with a girlfriend and it turns out he know that u like him and he does things that make u so happy then u remember u wont be able to see him wen the year ends even though ur gonna keep in touch he is sweet, amazing and he is almost the closest guy friend u have had and the way he hugs me makes me want to stay there forever and melt in his arms


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