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Spottedleaf Design Reference

Couldn't help myself, had to do another one. These are keeping me sane between adoptables. Next up will probably be Tigerclaw. 

Most medicine cats probably don't wear armor. I do imagine there are exceptions, like Yellowfang and Hawkheart, who were warriors first and medics second, and maybe even Mothwing for that mater. But for the most part, I'm going to stick to an armor less look. I also figured that Medicine cats probably have both work clothes that they can get all bloddy and messed up, and more formal, traditional robes for ceremonies and trips to the Moonstone. 

I'm kinda playing around with haveing a color that represent's each clan in formal heraldry and ceremonial gear. Red for Thunderclan, blue for Riverclan, yellow for Windclan, Black for Shadowclan, and at some point in history, white for Skyclan. I can just picture Yellowfang complaining about how garish and ridiculous she feels wearing the bright red Thunderclan colors.  

Firepaw Design Reference by turnipBerry

Bluestar Design Reference by turnipBerry

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*Casually looks at the first one, questioning if Spottedleaf murdered someone*

Also this is a wonderful design ^^

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So beautiful and amazing

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I love these <3, they're such a fun take on the fandom!

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are we allowed to draw these designs (giving credit to you, of course!)?

TurnipStewdios's avatar

You may. Please don't trace or edit the original piece, and don't upload without credit, but other than that go right ahead.

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She looks amazing

i dont know why but whenever i see calicos warriors,i instantly think Mapleshade. I always end up being like, they dont look quiet murdery enough, it must be someone else.

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ikr? Geez, now I gotta think about how I want to do dark forest cats. I've got a plan for Starclan, but I hadn't really thought about drawing the other side.

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Dude her clothes look SO GOOD. You are awesome at designing clothes, I'm really excited with how you continue you series, even if it's just references of all the characters. This is such a nitpick and it's just my opinion, but I kinda hate how you draw the middle toes on the feet. Idk I feel like it would look way better if you separated the two middle toes entirely instead of that half line, looks too much like a stuffed animal to me. For kid characters maaybe it's ok, but imo it will look very silly on Tigerclaw.

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And now I feel like I have to do it on Tigerclaw, just to be contrary. I'll be drawing different characters slightly differently, based on the feeling I want them to have. Tigerclaw, who's, well, claws are very prominent, was always going to get a slightly different paw shape. I just need to get there.

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The half line I think is actually where the claw starts? Not sure. I started noticing that's how my own cats' fuzzy feets look from straight on - big round fluff with a part coming up from below on each toe where the claws started.
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she looks so cute! i can't wait to see more of your art/ideas for anthro warriors, everything looks amazing so far. are those american curl ears i see?

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Yeah. I was having trouble coming up with an ear shape that worked with the rest of the face. Curled ears seemed like they would be fun and unique. Maybe I can even use them to show some family relations. Redtail could have them. Or maybe even Cloudstar, if I want to trace Skyclan ancestry back a ways.

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aw i'd love to see a redtail with curled ears, i'm a sucker for them. and yeah, having a trait shared with a skyclanner would be a smart way to give a nod to their skyclan ancestry!

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More more more more more omg more??

There are too many little details that I want to gush over, I didn't realize you'd done anything with anthro!warriors and this is??? amazing?? I'ma be watchin' for more of this for sure- I always love your other work, but as the Erins are a big part of my sanity during this quarantine sitch, I'm def biased for these guys atm |D

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I've only been posting the anthro Warriors stuff for a few weeks. :D I've got big plans for it, but it's still fairly new.

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I honestly adore these designs

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I love the idea of heart shaped leaf symbol for med cats as a universal symbol like the red cross

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Yeah, I wanted something recognizable. That seemed to work.

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HER LITTLE CURL EARS.. I love this design so much. especially love her robes!

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