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Pokemon variations: Torterra


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        1. Oak Tree Torterra.
The most common verity of Torterra. This pokemon lives in warm deciduous forests and temperate climates, and, in spite of it's large size, is easily trained. Many trainers tame young Torterra, (also known as Turtwigs,) and raise them as one of their first pokemon. The Oak Torterra is one of the largest varieties, and boasts a higher attack stat than it's relatives. Its main strength, however, is it's defense. 

        2. Pine Torterra.
This variation is most commonly found in cooler climate, roaming the sides of mountains and deep conifer forests. Slightly bigger than the Oak Torterra, it often plays host to several different trees. 

        3. Aspen Torterra. 
One of the rarer breeds, The aspen Torterra is smaller and lighter than it's cousins, resulting in a relatively high speed stat. 
The rocks it carries on it's back are often sedimentary.

        4. Bonsai Torterra. 
The smallest breed of Torterra is not found in the wild. Bonsai Torterra have been specially bred for generations, making them very popular contest pokemon and household pets. Their owners often spend hours pruning the trees on their backs, just like a regular bonsai. Instead of rocks, they sometimes carry quarts crystals. 

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Absolutely love this, have had this photo saved to my phone for years. Just decided to make a account, and now i found the artist!!