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This is what void salmon from Stardew Valley look like irl and you can't convince me otherwise. 

This is another commission for 

Discord this time! Had fun coming up with a composition for this one. Discord's chaos landscapes are super fun and interesting, but also surprisingly consistent? I would have though he would spice things up more, make them different every time he takes over. Makes it easier for the mlp staff to reuse assets though. How considerate of him. :D 

 I've recently done another commission of Tirek for the same customer: 

Tirek vs Twilight Commission by turnipBerry

Did a full WIP walkthrough for this one!  Discord WIP Progress by turnipBerry

Disclaimer: Under no circumstances do you have permission to repost or use this image or my other work for any reason, unless specifically stated otherwise. Do not repost my art to other websites, use my art as banners, reaction images, page backgrounds, examples, or any other personal or commercial use. If you have a question, or would like to ask permission to use a piece, please contact me about it. 
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Wow, this is amazing! I love the space fish. Super creative idea.

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There are worlds beyond our own. Confirmed.

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YOᑌᗴᖇ ᗩ ᗩᗰᗩᘔIᑎᘜ ᗩᖇTIᔕT ᕼOᒪY ᔕᕼIIIIT (;´༎ຶٹ༎ຶ`)🌸💗❤️

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Amazing composition and lovely colors 😍❤️🙌🏻 thank you so much for sharing!

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This is really amazing

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THIS IS AMAZING ??! I love Discord's character and this commission is such a great show of that

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I love this! And I saw your WIP...I have also watched tutorials on YouTube, but sometimes they go so fast I can't follow along. But doing the grayscale first . . . I need to try that, but how do you apply the color after doing the grey scale? The grey scale is mostly to make sure lighting and shading and all of that is in the right places an such, correct? I have never tried it like that. Is it basically like putting another layer on top of the grey layer? Or is it still a clipping mask type thing? REALLY need to try soon as I figure out if my tablet is salvabable or not. I've either got a bad cable...or something else is going on. Very frustrating. I want to get back to doing art but . . . can't at the moment. I COULD do traditional I suppose, but . . . haven't felt that strong of an urge....yet.

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Posted the WIP. Thanks for reminding me. :D

Discord WIP Progress
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I actually have a better WIP that I haven't posted yet, with screenshots from multiple parts of the process.

That first thing was just a thumbnail sketch, so I could get a composition I liked. Sometimes I'll do those in color, but most of the time I'm confident enough in the color scheme I want to just do greyscale and save time.

I usually go over the top of those thumbnails with a line sketch for at least the character so I can nail down the anatomy. After that, it depends on what kind of illustration I'm doing. If I'm doing lineart, I'll do that next, but for a lot of the big pieces I do it lineless using my anatomy sketch as a guide. I lay down solid base layers for the silhouette, and then do colors and shading as clipping layers over that.

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the nonbinary ferret strikes once again... anyways IKJNWIUHIWEUIWUHEJU THIS IS SO COOL.. you make some of the best art i've seen,im feelin a littol inspired 2 make my own big art piece naow,also i gotta practice my bgs : - P keep up the good work!!

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yes another who headcanons discord non binary!!

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@lunchymunchies and @turnipBerry

May I set this as my computer wallpaper? If not, I understand! I just thought I should as permission from the both of you <3

TurnipStewdios's avatar

I'm ok with it. As long as it's for personal use only and lunchymunchies agrees, go ahead.

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This is so gorgeous! By far the greatest piece of Discord fanart I have ever seen!

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Absolutely beautiful!!!

Interestingly, Discord looks not happy like you would expect, but like he's thinking seriously about something.

This looks incredible!

When I 1st saw the WIP, the black and white briefly made me think it was going to take place during a cold night. When I 1st saw this, I thought the upper-right corner was an ocean in the sky, but now I see it's just sky (I misinterpreted the white dots as bubbles and not stars).

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