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Bluestar Design Reference

I've been going nuts trying to get commissions done, and I've been running into art block in a big way. So, to try getting past it, I decided to work on a personal piece. I do feel a bit less frustrated now, so hopefully tomorrow I can get some owed pieces done without pulling my hair out. 

I'm still in the planning stage for the first big warriors illustration I want to do, so I wan't ready to start on it yet. But I wanted to do something Warriors related, so I went for another character design. It was a choice between Bluestar and Spottedleaf, as both of them are characters that show up in some of the early illustrations I want to do. :D I am planning on doing a few images with just Rusty, to narrow down how I want to handle backgrounds and shading in this, and to show off this AU's version of Twolegplace-that-needs-a-new-name. After that, I'll be moving into the forest and tackling some of the scenes from the prolog of the first book. 

I wanted to give Bluestar plate armor. Just... all the way. no female rpg armor for me, no sir. The gals will be just as decked out as the guys. I also really liked the idea of her swinging around a huge f*ck off sword. For Thunderclan in general, I want a sort of medieval European influence for the clothing. Lots of armor, cloaks, some textiles, ect. Hard to draw, but I have every intention of putting my all into every illustration I do for this. Complicated details just make it more of a learning experience. 

Firepaw/Fireheart here: 

Firepaw Design Reference by turnipBerry   Fireheart Design Reference by turnipBerry

Under no circumstances do you have permission to repost or use this image or my other work for any reason, unless specifically stated otherwise. Do not repost my art to other websites, use my art as banners, reaction images, page backgrounds, examples, or any other personal or commercial use. If you have a question, or would like to ask permission to use a piece, please contact me about it. 
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Blue star here, is a true beauty! I love your style and how you portrayed these characters within the anthro AU! You deserve a watch.

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Not at all! Have you ever gotten warriors commissions? I haven't seen any but it looks like something i would like to try one day in the future. Another question: Would we be able to (with Credit) use the designs, concept, or style for art/one shot comic type things? I had an idea for Firepaw. Thanks!

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I think I took a few a long time ago, but it's been a while. I'd be more than willing to take new ones if you're interested.

You can use the designs, as long as you aren't tracing, are giving credit, ect. Thanks for asking.

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Thanks! I'll look into the commissions one day, just not now. I need to watch where my money goes right now, and i need to figure out exactly what it is I want XP

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awesome design! love how you didn't give bluster "feminine" attributes like so many animations do nowadays🙂

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I think that Bluestar looking more feminine is perfectly valid, and I enjoy seeing some interpretations of her like that. It's just not my personal preference for portraying the character.

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Sorry, my comment was too vague. I was more referring to animations giving female anthropomorphic characters a prominent chest area, hair, and long lashes in order to convey that this character is female, sometimes to a ludicrous degree. being feminine in itself is fine, I just was just commenting on this fact. I watch a lot of animated films with my family and sadly, this is reoccurring theme which I keep noticing so its a pet peeve. Sorry if I insulted you or came off rude, it was not my intention to do so.

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I was wondering if you were referring to that or the other thing. :D And I may very well do that. I do want some characters to be easily red as male or female at a glance, and body shape and facial features are the easiest way to do it.

I don't intend to have "assets" on any cat, but I may very well emphasize the shape of the chest on some characters to create a curvier silhouette. Even with Bluestar, I deepened the rib cage, narrowed the waist, and broadened the hips slightly. I just left it real subtle on her. Spottedleaf should be a better representation of what I'm going for.

I think I'm going to have those be the main differences, actually. Females will have a rib cage that is deeper than it is wide, and more representative of actual cat anatomy, while males will be broader and flatter, almost more human like. Hip width will vary for each character, and the way the legs bow out kinda confuses things a bit, but males will usually have the narrower, more tapered torso shape.

Waistline will be all over the place, as I fully intend to throw just about every body type I can find at the wall to see what sticks. Sandstorm will be a tall, flat-chested, angry twig-cat, Spottedleaf will be a little pudgy, Yellowfang will be the ABOUTTASMAKABITCH body type. That's a technical term.

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Bluestar was always my fave Warriors cat and this makes me love her even more.

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Mmmh, yes. I do love detailed clothes.

Just one thing, though. With that chestplate, she is not going to be able to bend over.

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I know. That is a problem with most plate armor. It's just something you have to deal with. And she can still bend at the waste just fine, as long as she's careful not to overbalance.

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She is amazing

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your welcome and reminds me of Redwall in a way lol

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she is stunning :0

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Ah this is stunning! The concept, the execution of her amour(I also highly agree with your statement on female armor, yeah)

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How gorgeous! I love all the detail! :love:

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Ooh! I absolutely adore this!
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Oh yes more Warrior cats!!

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omg the DETAILS

The four beads on her cloak drawstring immediately caught my eye. One for Oakheart, Mistyfoot, Stonefur, and Mosskit

I can't figure out the ones on the other string. Is the white bead for Snowfur? And then the flat one for Moonflower?

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