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Bitting Pear of Da Vinci

Lol wut?

Over the years, many have pondered the mysteries of the pear. Is she hiding something? Do the brush strokes that so lovingly crafted her hold some sort of code? Is there something more behind her coy smile? Why are there giraffes in the background? The world may never know.

Speed-paint. About four hours. I just want the badge. 


The Biting Pear of Salamanca by ursulav
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This is a portrait of a true beauty. The flawlessness of it is astonishing.
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you destroyed mona lisa xD
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The hostile take over is dawning
Mast3r-Rainb0w's avatar
Probably the best version of this damned pear.
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oooooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH MY GOD it'S looking great
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This is awesome.
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I'm so puzzled, but this is so beautiful!
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nightmare fuel right there.
what do you call it? Mona licksa?
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better then the original
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When the meme transcends meme status, something like this is produced.
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This will be the new image of God.
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How do you get something like this done in four hours? The texture is incredible. 
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I cheated. I used several brushes, and I copy-and-pasted several patches of texture from a picture of the actual Mona Lisa.
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