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Spike Button Design

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And that's the last one for now. :D I've got to get these ordered asap if I want to actually get them in time for Everfree, so I'll have to put off on making more until next year. The rest of my time leading up to the convention is going to be dedicated to clearing my commission waitlist, and then relaxing and playing video games. I want a vacation damnit! 

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Very nice!  This would make an excellent button!  If I ever saw these at a convention, I'd definitely buy one!  (One of my OCs is a kind-hearted purple dragon, so naturally he & Spike would become good friends.) 
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I do have these for sale at cons. :D The only things I can really get too at the moment are Everfree Northwest and BABSCon, but if you're at one of those, stop by! In the mean time, I'm trying to open up an online store. I would be selling buttons with these designs, but they wouldn't be the same as the ones I could sell at cons. I originally designed these for specially shaped buttons, like triangular or pentagonal. The people I'd be going through for the store don't have an option like that, so I'd have to go with round buttons. On the other hand, I can make these designs into other things too, like magnets or t-shirts
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You were at BabsCon?  Huh...!  That's interesting...  I wonder why the heck I didn't notice these when I was there...?  (Especially the last one; it was so dull, I was desperate to buy something, just so I wouldn't go home empty-handed.)  Weird...

Anyhow, if I go to the next BabsCon (if there is one) I'll definitely stop by.
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Uhg. Last BABSCon was the slowest con I've ever had. I didn't even make half of my expenses. It was so slow in the vendor hall that I played a couple of card games with the table next door at one point. 
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Yeah, I know what you mean.  And I don't doubt the vendor hall was slow & unprofitable; heck, the main lobby was a real ghost-town, the deadest Saturday I've ever seen at any con anywhere, Pony con or otherwise (and I've been going to cons for over 30 years...)  There was hardly anyone around; just a few cosplayers here & there, doing their best to keep people entertained & keep the energy & enthusiasm-level up...

Ohwell...hopefully next year's (if they do another one) will be better.
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We're trying our best. It's still early, but design is going to be doing everything we can to hype up the con and try to attract more visitors. There's going to be some great con-exclusive merchandise available, there are big plans for the theme-storyline and the mascots, and in general we hope this year will be better. With Bronycon and a lot of others officially closed now, BABS is one of the biggest in the US. We hope we can capitalize on that. 
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Looks like Spike is growing up.
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Did you draw Discord, wait?
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Nice! I really like the extra details you added to Spike!
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Video games you say. What do you play?
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PC games. The big ones right now are The Long Dark, Green Hell, and the 2014 Thief. I've been switching back and forth between them to keep things fresh. I actually have an Oculus Rift, but at the moment I don't have a space big enough to set it up in. 
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Nice. Survival games look like an interesting genre. I'm a PC gamer too. Right now I'm playing, and modding, The Battle For Middle-earth. It's old (2004), but it's got good gameplay, and I'm a fan of the Lord the Rings movie trilogy.
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waaay back when, I had a collectors edition for either battle for middle earth or battle for middle earth 2, you sir & or madam have good taste lol
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Thanks, and I'm a he.
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While Ember and Smolder are giving him a serious challenge, Spike remains the Best Dragon!
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I just need to make a collection of all of your buttons!  They are all beautifully done!
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I'll save some for you
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AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH HE'S SO CUTE Animated Love Monkey Animated Love Monkey Animated Love Monkey 
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Can I just say that I love when scaly creatures are drawn looking like they have freckles? It's absolutely adorable.
Also, love the way you draw him all around!
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Freckles~ I really like the freckles that you gave the forever Sibling Supreme!
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