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Shock Diamond: Sunset x Rainbow Dash

Owner: :iconyumehaeya:

If any of you don't know what the phenomenon known as "shock Diamonds" or sometimes "Mach Diamonds" are, go look that up on youtube. "Mach diamond" usually get's better results. 

Based on these headcanons: 

Rainbow Dash Headcanon by turnipBerry

Sunset Shimmer Headcanon by turnipBerry
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I'm not really much for mlp but this is good
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Oooh, I learned a cool thing and I got to see pretty new ponies.

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Rocket exhaust is the coolest thing. :la:

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This is my favorite one :love:

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I'm gonna miss seeing these when they're all done. It's a treat each time because each one is unique looking.

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I will definitely be doing more in the future. I just want a break. :D

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There's no rush. You are very talented by the way. I wish I had the talent you have for drawing such detail.

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I love this pose, so dynamic and the color scheme is amazing. I really enjoy all the designs you come up with, they are all so nice!

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Oh, I love how the name fits them so well!

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I like how they’re built similar to a cheetah!=D Hmm, “shock diamonds,” talk about learning something new every day.:-) Just noticed how their three, feathery tails resemble the shockwave diamonds of their cutiemark!:excited:

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