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Nightmare Moon and Daybreaker Headcanon

By turnipBerry
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IMPORTANT: If you receive a note mentioning this deviation saying you've won something, it is a scam. Do not follow any links. Because this piece hit the front page, the army of bots descended on it and are looking for suckers. I have not started any contests, given out any gift cards, ect. ect. If in doubt, please contact me. 

(ogod the feathers why do I keep doing this to myself) 

I've got a lot of ideas for these two. Too many to really show in a single picture. I'd like to do a sketch dump at some point, showing some of them. For example, NMM's wings are bioluminescent. The iridescent colored splotches on the undersides can flash and pulse, varying in brightness from almost invisible to what you see now. She's currently in full threat display, with the colors at their brightest. Likewise, Daybreaker would normally hold her semi-solid, fiery peacock tail back in a neutral position. ( the way I portrayed Celestia's in her headcanon.)  When she has it fully fanned, as it is now, it resembles an explosion in progress. 

Update: Here's a sketchdump for NMM:  Nightmare Moon Sketchdump by turnipBerry

And a new illustration!  Eclipse by turnipBerry

Luna Headcanon by turnipBerry   Celestia Headcanon by turnipBerry    Twilight Headcanon by turnipBerry

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Me: Go Daybreaker!!!!

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What I love about Daybreaker's tailfeathers is you can barely see the feathers themselves, so it looks instead like she's surrounded by malevolent eyes staring at whoever is facing her. Nice creepy effect.
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Jesus these two look insane! NMM looks vicious, and Daybreaker peacock feathers are crazy!
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These are absolutely gorgeous. oqo
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I love the details and design and yea I got the note from a bot and thankfully I deleted it and the user too
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This is just insanely amazing!!! The detail in the feathers and faces and just everything! The concept is so well done!

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Oh my goodness, excellent work on the pair of them! I could not imagine how much work it would take to do the fanned-out tail that Daybreaker is rocking there. And I just love how vicious NightMare Moon looks! There is a lot more that I could give praise to, but let's just say that I love the level of detail into both of them...!
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Honestly I cheated and just copy pasted the feather eye a lot, but it still took ages. Would have taken months if I'd done them all by hand. 
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Daybreaker would have a peacock-like tail, and it looks amazing on her.

Both of them would look very big and intimidating. Even if they didn't have the power behind them, they'd still look the look.
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Yeah they both strike me as showboats. Not that they don't have the chops to back it up, but still. :D
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That is one huge-ass peacock tail.
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This is a great example of why I'm following you; your headcanons take it beyond the show-canon and take inspiration from other sources (In this case, other animals like a lionfish and a peacock) without making it too make-believe.
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I really enjoy the process of looking for and incorporating other inspirations. Show canon is a great base to build off, but I find it a bit bland sometimes. :D
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What would happen if we accidentally clicked on the note link? It didnt lead me to any site, just a deviant art window saying the link doesnt exist. I am okey after that?
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Deviant was probably blocking you from going further because it recognized something fishy. You should be fine. I suspect that the actual destination of the link would have been nasty. 
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Good to know.

Well regardless, its a shame that scammer targeted your work in a way. I still like your artwork, very detailed and beautiful. 
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Ah thank god i came here before i did anything with that note. Thought something was weird there
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Deviantart has recently become a target for a lot of scammers. Always be careful with outbound links. Make sure you trust the person giving them to you. 
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OKAY good I thought it was odd that I got such a note, because as much as I love MLP I wasn't in any groups as far as I knew and the account was deleted mere hours ago. I remembered faving this Deviation recently and came back to check here for any info, glad I know.


BUT BESIDES THAT since I'm back here I just wanted to say this is beautiful and I love your alternate designs for all of the characters. Fluttershy is my favorite of the ponies and as such she has one of my favorite designs too. :meow:
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:) Thanks. Nice to get feedback on something other than the notes. :D
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