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Firestar's Family Tree: Squirrelflight

Part three of this series! 

Firestar's Family Tree: Part One by turnipBerry   Firestar's Family Tree: Leafpool by turnipBerry

I guess I gotta do the Cloudtail/Brightheart line next. :D 

From left to right, in the top row we have Squirrelflight, Brambleclaw/star, Alderheart, Juniperkit, and Dandelionkit. In the bottom row are Larksong, Sparkpelt, Flickerkit, Finchpaw, and Flamepaw. 

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LittleFish4's avatar

Can we talk abt Sparkpelt and Larksong being related ;o;

But I do love this and love the interpretations <3

turnipBerry's avatar

So are just about everybody else.

LittleFish4's avatar

Am I right??? It kills me, like atleast wait until the closest of kin are dead ;o; then I can MAYBE understand. But they are cats so lmao

Emeowrald's avatar

Are two of them supposed to be ghosts?

turnipBerry's avatar

Four of them. Yeah.

EchoTheNeko's avatar

Flamepaw is a black-pelted cat??? :o

Vitani-Yuy's avatar

I am enjoying seeing your takes on the warriors, especially love that you included the ones who are in starclan. I hope that you continue to add your versions of more of the warriors (and medicine cats of course)

turnipBerry's avatar

I am already planning three more in this mini-series. I want to finish Firestar's extended family. So that means at least one, possible two or three splits from Cloudtail's line. (As there are like three separate families, including Dovewing/Tigerheart and Ivypool.) I've gotta do Lionblaze/Cinderheart, and I'd like to do a brief thing on Scourge and family.

After that, I may tackle Tigerstar's family tree.

Vitani-Yuy's avatar

Lol, i look forward greatly to when you get around to Greystripes family still ;-)

S0L0ngP4rtn3r's avatar

I love ALL these designs

lepoppeta's avatar

Oh, Sparkpelt a TALL girl!

turnipBerry's avatar

Yeah. I kinda liked her taking after the Tigerstar side of the family, while Alderheart is all Squirrelflight's squishiness.

VividSpark's avatar

I also see Sparkpelt as tall and buff like her dad. Cool

lepoppeta's avatar
Yeah, usually I see Sparkpelt be short and scrappy! This is a pretty unique approach.
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