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Firestar's Family Tree: Leafpool

Part two of this! 

Firestar's Family Tree: Part One by turnipBerry   Firestar's Family Tree: Squirelflight by turnipBerry

Continuing on from the last post, here's the next branch of Firestar's lineage. Leafpool and her children. I wanted to include Crowfeather in this, and figured I might as well include Nightcould and Breezepelt too, even though they aren't related to Firestar. 

From left to right, top to bottom: Jayfeahter, Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, Leafpool, Nightcloud, Breezepelt, and Crowfeather

Of the three siblings, Lion blaze resembles Firestar most strongly. And maybe, totally by coincidence, he also resembles Brambleclaw a bit. :D I haven't designed Bramble yet. Hollyleaf is a dead ringer for Crowfeather, but with the family eye color. Her build is more similar to her mother's or sandstorms though. Jayfeather has Leafpool's, and Firestar's, stripe pattern, but his biuld, eye color, and spiky fur are 100% Crow's fault. (well, maybe not so much the eye color, but still.)  Breezepelt is all spikes, all the time. Pincushion cat. 

I really like the fandom idea of medicine cats wearing some sort of decorations, like leaves or feathers. Hollyleaf gets them too, because even though she never finished, she was partially trained as a medicine cat. (She apparently stuck around long enough for at least one lesson on poisons though) 

Another fandom idea I kinda like if that Crowfeather, Breezepelt, and Nightcloud have a sort of primary color eyes thing going on. I've seen a few MAPs that show them with Blue, Yellow, and Red eyes respectively, and I love it. It did kinda make Nightcloud look more... menacing then intended though. oops. 

Did this as stress relief after working on commissions today. I think I'm gonna keep doing these as a way to relax. :D I'm gonna see if I can do the Squirrel/Bramble side next. 

Disclaimer: Under no circumstances do you have permission to repost or use this image or my other work for any reason, unless specifically stated otherwise. Do not repost my art to other websites, use my art as banners, reaction images, page backgrounds, examples, or any other personal or commercial use. If you have a question, or would like to ask permission to use a piece, please contact me about it. 
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Hey there! I had noticed your brilliant artwork and great designs for these warriors, however, may I kindly ask if Breezepelt’s pose was based off of one of Nightrizer’s patreon sketches?


If this was referenced, then you can just delete this comment, but if it was traced, feel free to explain yourself, I’m just curious if you had known of this artist and such, but I just felt I had the need to ask you about this, no hard feelings!

Please reply calmly if you have anything to say, I don’t want to seem rude or unkind in any way.

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Ok, I contacted Nightrizer about this, and did actually get a reply back. The original is available publicly on DA, and does pre-date mine by quite a while. I showed them mine, and they don't seem to have any problems with it or want me to change anything.

Feel free to talk to them about it if you want to verify that, and again, thanks for bringing it to my attention.

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No problem, and sorry for the late rep.

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Shit. I've honestly never seen that image before in my life, and this was an original drawing out of my head. I try not to heavily reference things, and I do not trace anything that I haven't made myself as a general rule. But yeah, that's an extremely similar pose, and I'd be happy to talk to Nightrizer about it. I've dealt with plenty of art theft, tracing, heavy reference, ect. and I'd be happy to work something out if I can talk to them directly.

I am familiar with Nightrizer, though I'm not a patreon of theirs and I don't think I ever have been. Is this image available publicly, or is it only on their patreon page? And could I ask how old the post is? If their post is older than mine and publicly available, I'd be fine tweaking some things or re-drawing Breezepelt if they feel uncomfortable about it. But if it's younger I kind of wonder if they referenced me.

I've tried contacting them on Deviantart before for a question I had about an animation they did, but I'm not sure how active they are on DA and I never got any reply back. I'll try sending them a note about this, but I'm not sure if they'll even see it. Are you a patreon of theirs? If so, feel free to bring it to their attention and let them know I'd like to talk about it. I don't have many other social media pages, but I do have a Discord if that would help. I want to resolve this if possible.

Thanks for contacting me. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help.

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These are gorgeous! Hands-down my favorite representation of Breezepelt I've ever seen. I love how you captured Jayfeather's general moodiness perfectly!

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I love this! Oddly specific but I love Hollyleaf's leaves, they look so realistic

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Thanks! I actually kinda think they stand out as a bit too different from the rest of the image, but I was to lazy to change them.

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Well they look great!

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If people want to complain about Nightclouds eyes, let em. I think she looks great as is.

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Lionblaze sticks out like a sore thumb 🤣
turnipBerry's avatar

That's Grandma's fault. He got the genes from sandstorm.

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Glad to see someone else with the headcannon that Hollyleaf and Crowfeather are damn near identical lol!

Also, I love the muted tones for Lionblaze. Most Lion designs have him flaming orange or just straight up red lmao

My favorite colors for him is always pale brown-tinged yellow, or more pale tan like Sandstorm ^^

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So gorgeous! I would be scared to redraw that Jayfeather but he’s awesome. The Lionblaze and Leafpool fit their characters best to me when I look at them. Just in my own little imagination (:

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I'm fine with making these complicated and somewhat difficult to redraw, because they serve as an ideal for what I want my designs too look like. :D I have every intention of doing dumbed down, simplified versions of each character for use in animations or other stuff.

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it’s so confusing how crowfeather breezepelt and nightcloud are all black cats I’m glad the fandom designs give them some distinction lol

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What's worse, is Crowfeather's eyes were originally yellow/amber, same as the other two. Then he had one of the famous eye-color continuity errors between books.

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breezepelt just looks so feral

turnipBerry's avatar

I honestly think it kinda sucks that they gave him a half-assed redemption ark. He worked well as a villain, and I wanted to see where that went. What we got wasn't even a GOOD redemption ark. It was mostly off-screen, in the background of a book about something else.

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I love the red in Holly's eyes, it's fitting not just for her name but her hidden darker nature. Plus the stars in Jay & Lion's eyes, such cool detailing. ^^

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Okay but I'm absolutely in love with Nightcloud's design

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Amazing as always! And I love the detail of Leafpool having leaves in her tail, very fitting

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