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Fireheart Design Reference

By turnipBerry
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Ok, enough personal stuff. Time to get back to work on owed art. There will definitely be more of these, but I've got commissions to get done. :D

Before I move on to any other characters/scenes, I wanted to do an adult version of Fireheart. For the time being, I plan on sticking only to scenes and characters from the first book, Into the Wild. So no grown-up Fireheart content for the time being. But I figured it would at least be beneficial to draw him, so I know where I want to take the character. I do also want to do a sort of teenage version, as quite a bit of time passes in the book, and I want him to look older by the end. Not quite fully filled out yet, but getting there.

I've also thrown a headshot for Firestar as he would look much later in the series, like maybe Power of Three/Omen of the Stars timeline. Battle worn, scarred, and going a bit white around the muzzle. As a side note, I absolutely love the fandom thing where people add a star or a white marking to the head or somewhere on the body when a cat becomes leader. I will definitely be doing that. 

So the first outfit is something in between casual cloths and hunting gear. The idea is that most warriors would wear practical clothing and maybe light armor most of the time, and have a set of armor that they put on when they are expecting a battle. You might get caught by surprise sometimes, and have to fight without it, but most armor is just too heavy, hot, and impractical to wear all the time. Kind of hard to sneak up on a rabbit when you're clanking. Of all the clans, Thunderclan is the most likely to wear heavy plate armor. For Fireheart specifically, I want to go with a sort of fighter/paladin theme. Someone like Lionheart might carry a big shield, and you know I'm gonna put Tigerclaw in full iron plate. Shadowclan is probably going to lean more in a ninja/rouge direction. Focused on stealth and trickery, rather than outright combat. Windclan might not have armor at all. I'm thinking of useing ideas and imagery from nomadic groups and steppe dwellers for them. Archers, pursuit hunters, and the odd shovel wielding tunnel maniac bursting out of the ground. I'm... really tempted to make Riverclan freshwater pirates. 

Take a look at the apprentice sheet:  Firepaw Design Reference by turnipBerry

Or Bluestar:  Bluestar Design Reference by turnipBerry

Under no circumstances do you have permission to repost or use this image or my other work for any reason, unless specifically stated otherwise. Do not repost my art to other websites, use my art as banners, reaction images, page backgrounds, examples, or any other personal or commercial use. If you have a question, or would like to ask permission to use a piece, please contact me about it. 
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MacOSX-BronyStudent Writer

Anthro Warriors? Yes please!!!

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Hawktalon07Hobbyist Digital Artist

these designs are so creative!!! I love them a lot, and I also love the color schemes!!!

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turnipBerryProfessional Digital Artist


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make assassin’s creed/ish clothes for shadowclan?

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turnipBerryProfessional Digital Artist

I'm thinking of having some vaguely Asian inspirations for Shadowclan, the way Thunderclan will be vaguely European. I plan on mixing and matching things for all of them, so that no one group looks to much like one thing, but there will be a general theme.

Maybe an older cat like Nightpelt/star, who was around before Brokenstar screwed everything up, might have something resembling samurai armor. For cats who are on the stealthier side, I can get a lot of mileage out of "ninja."

But with the utter mess that Brokenstar makes out of the clan, followed by Nightstar's short rule, and Tigerstar's Thunderclan influence, maybe a lot of things get lost. Traditions, techniques, ect. After a while, cats are just trying to do what they can, and screw tradition.

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love this design can't wait to see more XD

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MelanieMacbeth86Student General Artist

I love your warrior cats designs, it makes me nostalgic for Disney's Robin Hood and I love the outfits ^^

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amazing! i love warrior cats too

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LindArtzHobbyist Digital Artist

Very nice work! :) !!!

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turnipBerryProfessional Digital Artist

Huh. Would you look at that. I was wondering why I was getting so many comments all of a sudden.

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Fire heart from warriors cool

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Tinselfire General Artist

So fluffy~

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VentimonHobbyist Digital Artist

This is such a cool idea, and the design is super nice!

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turnipBerryProfessional Digital Artist

Glad you think so!

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gabbycat17Hobbyist General Artist

I absolutely love the thought put into the clothing/armor. Very nice. :heart:

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dreameroftheblueProfessional General Artist

does the disclaimer at the bottom include desktop/phone backgrounds?

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turnipBerryProfessional Digital Artist

If you're only using it for yourself, go ahead. I've started putting that disclaimer on all non-commission art because I've had so many problems with art theft. Please don't pass it out to other people, claim it as your own, ect ect.

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whoadudewtfHobbyist Traditional Artist

SO excited to see all your ideas for warriors

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PastafangHobbyist Digital Artist

Ooh I love the concepts for all the different clans!

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chloe2320New Deviant


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MidnightShadows87Hobbyist Digital Artist
Looks like Fireheart took a trip to Skyrim XD
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mateusfelipecomicartProfessional Digital Artist

Very nice!

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VisceralLusterHobbyist Digital Artist

This all sounds so cool ;u; I would die for a graphic novel/comic retelling/reimagining of the books in this style.

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Egyptian-EnthusiastHobbyist Digital Artist

I am absolutely in love with this concept!

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