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Commission: After hours.

By turnipBerry
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This is a commission for :iconcatfromdream: Of their character. I had fun designing this one. :D I hope you like it. 
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:star::star::star::star-empty: Overall
:star::star::star::star-empty::star-empty: Vision
:star::star::star::star-half::star-empty: Originality
:star::star::star::star-empty::star-empty: Technique
:star::star::star::star-half::star-empty: Impact

Disclaimer: No part of the following review is meant to discourage the artist into not creating more work nor is it meant to cause digital artists to stop drawing digital work. Nor to stop fans from creating fan based work. At no point is this meant to hurt feelings it is meant as an honest review of the picture and if the artist wishes to discuss the review or needs more details I would be happy to discuss it with them. Now without any further delay onto the review.

Vision: This image is filled with emotion and gives the viewer the feeling of a long day. It reminds us of that overworked friends we all have. 3 stars.

Originality: This may not be the artist's original character but it is still an original character and let's us into the heart of it's creator. It is a great job and get 3.4 stars.

Technique: This is a well detailed digital work and has the appearance of a photograph. It does go a bit over board with the violet tinting but it's still great. 3 stars.

Impact: Well like I mentioned above we all know at least one overworked or workaholic that this reminds us of and it pulls us into the picture. 3.5 stars well done.

Overall a great image and like I said maybe pull back on the violet tinting. Other then that it is great and I can't wait to see what else this artist has to offer us.
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Lovely work, as always. And I'm no proffesional artist, but I agree with some of the others. This is just a tad bit too pink. The detail is amazing, and so is the lighting.
I just feel like this would feel more "alive" if the other colours were more visible.

Great job anyways, thanks for reading!~
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The colours are gorgeous, but I especially love your attention to detail here :D
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Oh, that's rather lovely! :D

I don't have time to do a proper critique right now, but if I had to pick one main thing it'd be that it seems a little TOO pink? There are other colours, but none of them really stick out, so the pic feels a little more flat than it needs to, I think... Which may have been what you were after, it does mesh together well, and MLP + pink is a common thing, but I feel that a less pink wall, less subdued non-pinks, etc, and maybe another light source, would make this more eye-catching.

Still a great pic, though! The pony herself looks great (I really like the anatomy) and there's so much to look at in the background!
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Hmmm….  Thanks for the feedback. :D
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That looks fantastic! :la: I love the attention to the detail on the background, and the subtle fuzz on her body.
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Amazing atmosphere on this one.  So cool.
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:thumbsup: Nice! There is so much detail in this; fantastic! :clap:
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Love the details!
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Omigosh what a great start to a day! I can't believe how fantastic the background looks, so much extra detail! Could that be the princess?! Such beautiful and detailed drawing definitely asks for a story. :D

And I love how you furried her cutie mark, it looks too good! :squee:

The only thing I would have prefered differently is the net. Stylish yet messy mane for the sacrifice of efficency. Can't argue with your insightfulness though. :meow:

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS! :heart: I think it's time I make a checklist of my oc done by my favorite artists. :D

You weren't lying about the lightning. :love:
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Sorry about that, but I figured that if she was tattooing with her horn, it would probably be more hygienic to put a net on while she worked. 
Other than that, I'm glad to hear you like it. :D
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Nothing to be sorry about. I said I loved the realistic aspect of your drawings. Even when it comes to magic and unicorns. :D

Actually, I did think about her having some sort of hairband or the "pokemon" cap with shade which when worn backwards has a perfect space for horn. But since I can't draw very well I went with what I could create in pony maker. Plus, she would probably use the usual needle but when I saw the pointy horn style, I thought that even if impractical it might be kind of original for her to use her horn as a working tool.

Also, feel free to point out that it might be pretty difficult to do such high precision job when she can't very well see the tip of her horn. :lmao:
I guess that's why it's her special talent and why her customers trust her to do her job precisely and safely. :)

That said, when I have enough money and when you are open again, I'd love to see how you'd tackle if I asked for a 2-char commission where she's actually working on another pony. :D

And I have to say I'm already using this as a wallpaper and I'm so in love with the high-res and the the overall color tone which is really soothing! :love:
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this turned out amazing! I love the shading so much!
and your BG's never cease to amaze me xux
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