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Charity Auction Pride Adoptables. Closed!

By turnipBerry
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Edit: The auction is closed. I'll contact the winners tomorrow. Thank you so much! 

Hello everybody! I've decided to try something special this month. The characters above are my first batch of Charity adoptables! Please read the rules below before bidding. Each character has a base price of $70! of that, I will be keeping $30 to make up for the time spent drawing them, and donating the remaining $40, plus any additional price added by the bidding, to a charity of the buyers choice! At the very least, that's $240 going to a good cause if all of them sell at only base price! I've never tried anything like this, so I have no idea if it will go anywhere or not, but we'll see what happens! 


-There will be a comment below for each of the characters. Bid on the reply chain to that comment! Make sure you are bidding on the right one. 

-Starting bid for each character is $70.

-Minimum bid increase is $5

--AUCTION CLOSES AT MIDNIGHT ON THURSDAY THE 11TH!! The highest bidder for each character will be contacted afterwords. If you win, I will send you a note on the 12th. 

-If you win, you must be ready to pay within 24 hours. If you cannot pay within this time, the adoptable will go to the next highest bidder. 

-The winner may chose a charity to donate to! It must be something I can donate to directly online, without mailing in a check or doing a wire deposit. 

-If you have no preference for a charity, I will donate the funds to Black Lives Matter. 

-The winner should pay the full amount to me, whereby I will donate the agreed upon share of it to charity. At the winners request, I will provide screen shots or other proof of the donation. 


-Any spam, trolling, or inappropriate behavior in the comments will result in a block and/or reporting. 


 Change the name of the character. 
 Change the gender/species/orientation of the character
 Give the character a cutiemark
 Draw the character and/or use them as an oc. 
 Get commissions of the character, from me or from others. 
 Chose a charity to donate to. It can be almost anything. BLM, Team Trees, a local cause, (as long as I can donate online) 
 You will be sent an individual file of the character art above, with the option for a transparent background and a basic color pallet. 

 Re-sell the character. 
 Claim the original piece of artwork done by me as your own. 
 Use the character for commercial or monetary purposes. 


1. Sunny Sides: 
  Species: unicorn
  Pronouns: She/her They/them
2. (I was really temped to give this guy a barbecue cutiemark, and name him Bear Grills. You may do so, if you wish. Crumb Catcher was another idea)  
  Species: Pegusus
  Pronouns: He/him

3. Winter Dapple
  Species: Kirin
  Pronouns: He/him They/them

4. Glory
  Spiecies: Griffon
  Pronouns: He/him they/them

5. Coral Sea
  Species: Hippogriff/seapony
  Pronouns: She/her

6. Grasshopper 
  Species: Changeling
  Pronouns: They them. 

Depending on how there go, I'm hopping to do more of them! So if you don't see anything you feel represents you here, feel free to leave suggestions! At a bare minimum, I will be doing two special trans adopts later this week. I would have included them in this batch, but I felt like it would be nice to do them as there own thing. ALL the money from those two adopts will be going to Trans Women of Color. 

Please feel free to share this around! Spread the word as far as possible! 
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I love no. 6 the best but they’re all so cute!!

Diva161's avatar
Chepseh's avatar

Absolutely adorable designs. I kinda wish someone would feel inspired for a fanfic...?

M1m1kyu's avatar

I thought the Zebras were beautiful, but these characters are just as pretty and colorful... maybe even more so!

The lesbian sea pony looks so beautiful and graceful, and her design makes me think of a sunset on a beautiful ocean. And the beads on the pansexual unicorn give her so much character. She just looks like she’s always happy and dancing. That’s the feeling I get, anyway. I associate beads like that with happiness and dancing.

The asexual Kirin is my favorite, though. His colors and patterns make me think of winter, which is my favorite season.

Tldr, beautiful designs. They have such great colors.

turnipBerry's avatar

I have one final batch that will be up after the Zebra. I've got an aromantic crystal pony, a genderfluid breezy, a non binary dragon, a progress flag draconequus, a trans-masculine bat pony, and a bisexual hippogriff.

M1m1kyu's avatar

Ooo they sound really cool

Meiiscool's avatar

what flag is the 6th one?

turnipBerry's avatar

Genderqueer, not identifying with any one gender or any gender at all.

GalaxyPinebee's avatar

Didn't say before but these are all gorgeous designs and I love the choices for each Flag and the color palette for each one! I can't wait to see what others you do! The Ace Kirin has my whole heart and I just love the colors and design! Being a recently discovered Ace myself, I really love to see them!

Azure-Art-Wave's avatar

I love how pretty and original your pide flag adopts are! They're not just random characters with the flag colors slapped onto them, they're harmonious and their color palette makes sense <3 It's so pretty!

turnipBerry's avatar

There's a couple of flags I've wanted to do, but I've shied away from cause the color pallets are hard to work with. the Polyamorous flag in particular. I've got a Poly trans friend, and I'd love to make one to surprise him with, but the super saturated red/blue/black with yellow accents is frankly kinda eye tearing. I'm worried that if I changed it enough to make it work I would make it unrecognizable.

Not many pony characters make use of black. About the only thing I've though of is an unreformed changeling, looking kinda like Pharynx maybe. I might also be able to get away with a bat pony, but it's still not ideal.

Azure-Art-Wave's avatar

Hmm. Make you could make it like a bat pony (or either a normal pony, kinda with Sombra vibes y'know?) With red shades. You could use yellow for the eyes (since it's more on hints rather than a significant part of the flag) and perhaps a blue (perhaps a little darkened) for a fancy coat idk? Kinda like a Lord/king? Or any sort of clothing/jewelry (adds to the yellow as well!) or accessory! What do you think?

Javira-Butterfly's avatar
I'd love to see a polyamorous character in the next batch.
It seems to me like polysexual flags go around way more often than polyamorous and overall the flag isn't seen much much to my dismain as a poly person myself. It seems even in the LGBT community it is very niche.
turnipBerry's avatar

I wouldn't mind doing one. I almost included it in this batch, but I couldn't figure out a character for the colors. The super saturated black/blue/red and sometimes yellow is kinda hard to make into a color pallet.

EmpressRising's avatar

Great designs for a great cause! Really admirable!

turnipBerry's avatar

Thanks! I've wanted to do some sort of charity thing for a while.

ChaunifoxMobile's avatar
I love the pan one
gooshka19's avatar

wow these are acctually rlly good no lie xx

thatonecrustydude's avatar
Aww these are so cool can you make a bisexual one?
turnipBerry's avatar

Yeah, it'll be in the second big batch.

Wildshadow852's avatar
Super cute designs, all of them! I'm a bit biased towards the kirin, I must admit.
I'm truly straight, but I believe that at least, for the time being, I'm aromantic. I know that's not nearly the same thing as being asexual. I'm also still trying to learn what all these flags and terms mean
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I've got plans for an Aromantic flag adoptable in my next batch. :D I want to cover as many as I can.

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