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Charity Auction Adoptables: CLOSED!

By turnipBerry
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EDIT: The auction is closed. I'll be contacting the winners tomorrow. 

Here's my final adoptable batch! The two trans adoptabes from last week raised $170, and the previous batch of six raised over $400! I'm so happy I got the chance to do this, and that it turned out so well. I do really need to get back to working on commissions, so this will be the final batch for now, but I hope I can do more fundraisers like this in the future. 

 Please read the rules below before bidding. Each character has a base price of $70. Of that, I will be keeping $30 to make up for the time spent drawing them, and donating the remaining $40, plus any additional price added by the bidding, to a charity of the buyers choice! At the very least, that's $240 going to a good cause!


-There will be a comment below for each of the characters. Bid on the reply chain to that comment! Make sure you are bidding on the right one. 

-Starting bid for each character is $70.

-Minimum bid increase is $5

--AUCTION CLOSES AT MIDNIGHT ON FRIDAY THE 19th!! The highest bidder for each character will be contacted afterwords. If you win, I will send you a note on the 20th. 

-If you win, you must be ready to pay within 24 hours. If you cannot pay within this time, the adoptable will go to the next highest bidder. 

-The winner may chose a charity to donate to! It must be something I can donate to directly online, without mailing in a check or doing a wire deposit. 

-If you have no preference for a charity, I will donate the funds to Black Lives Matter. 

-The winner should pay the full amount to me, whereby I will donate the agreed upon share of it to charity. At the winners request, I will provide screen shots or other proof of the donation. 


-Any spam, trolling, or inappropriate behavior in the comments will result in a block and/or reporting. 


 Change the name of the character. 
 Change the gender/species/orientation of the character
 Give the character a cutiemark
 Draw the character and/or use them as an oc. 
 Get commissions of the character, from me or from others. 
 Chose a charity to donate to. It can be almost anything. BLM, Team Trees, a local cause, (as long as I can donate online) 
 You will be sent an individual file of the character art above, with the option for a transparent background and a basic color pallet. 

 Re-sell the character. 
 Claim the original piece of artwork done by me as your own. 
 Use the character for commercial or monetary purposes. 


1. Chrysocolla
  Species: Crystal Pony
  Pronouns: She/her They/them
  Flag: Aromantic
2. Mantis
  Species: Breezy
  Pronouns: He/him at the moment, they/them and she/her on ocasion
  Flag: Genderfluid
(Note: I really need to do a breezy headcanon. I can up with some neat ideas while drawing this) 

3. Crackle
  Species: Dragon
  Pronouns: they/them
  Flag: Nonbinary

4. Progress
  Spiecies: Draconequss
  Pronouns: He/him they/them she/her fish/fishes what/who top/bottom space/toast
  Flag: Progress flag

5. Blue Cooler
  Species: Bat pony
  Pronouns: He/him
  Flag: Trans-masculine
(Note. Why do all the bat ponies gotta be dark grays and purples and stuff? Why don't we have more fruit-bat ponies or something? This guy is a blue raspberry bat pony. His special talent is mixing fruity alcoholic drinks. Thus the name.) 

6. Ocean Sunset
  Species: Hippogriff/Seapony
  Pronouns: They/them ocasionally he/him
  Flag: Bisexual

I recorded the drawing process for these characters, and uploaded them to Youtube as speedpaints! Go check it out!…

Please feel free to share this around! Spread the word as far as possible! 
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yasss!! im genderfluid and bi!!!

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Welp, as much as I love the crystal pony, i really can't afford to outbid for her. Oh well.
I feel bad for the poor breezie, tho. Seems she's not all that popular
turnipBerry's avatar

eh, most people don't even seem to remember breezier exist. I should have seen it coming.

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Not trying to be a selfish desperate brat of any sort but could some of you check my(no not fav or watch me but you can)my art and express your opinions? I'm really looking forward to getting thoughts on my art!(just remember you don't have to like or watch just tell me what you think) also this is optional so anyway nice day!
dreameroftheblue's avatar

why are you doing this on someone else's art

if you're that desperate for feedback just add your stuff to a critique group or something

thecollision998's avatar
I can't I don't have a pc and also I wasn't being desperate
dreameroftheblue's avatar

what does having a pc have to do with being annoying on other people's posts :vv

you can still submit from mobile

thecollision998's avatar
Yes of course but not on the forums
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Can I ask what the "progress" one means? I'd not heard of that one (though I think I've seen the flag...just didn't know what it was)

turnipBerry's avatar

The progress flag has the rainbow, with the trans flag and two black-brown stripes making up an arrow that points forward. The black and brown stripes specifically represent people of color, and the greater issues they face being accepted as gay or trans. It's meant to symbolize the steady march towards equality and inclusion for lgbtq+ people of color, and the whole community in general.

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Im not gay but that hippogriff looks so cute!

AgdaPL's avatar

I'm in love in this hippogriff.

bobshmit13's avatar

Thank you for naming the flags this time! Is it ok if I ask some questions about some of the terminology? I think I might be gay myself, and I want to learn more about the community for when I come out. If you don't want to, that's perfectly ok. I think I can find information online. You just seemed to know your stuff.

turnipBerry's avatar

By all means. I named the flags because I kept getting asked, but it would take up to much room to explain each in the description. Ask away!

bobshmit13's avatar

Is there a difference between genderfluid and gender q***r? Also, do you understand the concept behind some people using the q slur? I know they are trying to reclaim it, but it's still a slur. I don't understand why people think if they use it themselves, it's somehow empowering? I'm trying to look at it non-judgmentally, but I just don't understand the logic.

turnipBerry's avatar

First, about the slur thing. I wasn't actually sure. I knew the word has had a history of use as a negative term, but I've herd it used so freely and often in the pride community that I kinda forgot. I... kinda identify as Genderqueer, but not fully. So I just went and asked someone who fully identifies that way about the use of the word.

It DOES have a history of use as a slur. And it is still used as a slur in some groups/areas/contexts. But the pride community as a whole has pretty thoroughly re-claimed it. It is used as the name of several identity groups, including this one. If you go to a pride event or spend a lot of time talking to people in the community, you are likely to hear it a lot. Again, I had herd it used so often that I hadn't really seriously thought about it. It really just seems to depend on the circumstances. There will be a few people offended by it, but the community in general has embraced it. It's a safe word to use in most situations.

I can tell you the difference between them though, no problem. A Genderqueer person identifies as something other than the standard gender. Maybe as some combination of genders, or gender-neutral, or as no gender at all. Something other than just male or just female.

A Genderfluid person's identity can shift over time. They may identify as one thing at one time or in one set of circumstances, and as another thing later on. They do identify as something, but it shifts often. Their gender expression and sense of self moves around, not necessarily pinned down to anything.

I personally am sort of a mix of the two. Most of the time, I identify as Genderqueer. Specifically as having no gender at all. But I occasionally shift to thinking of myself as a mix between the two, or as the gender I am physically. I was born a girl, and I don't have any problem being seen as such by people. I'm just not invested in it enough to correct anyone. I don't fully identify as female, and haven't for a long time, but I don't really care what people think I am or call me. I'm a they/them she/her kinda thing.

bobshmit13's avatar

Oh ok, thank you! This really helps a lot. Would you like me to stick to either they/them or she/her when commenting or do you also not care as much on here too. And I can understand being genderfluid a bit. I have a hormonal disorder and growing up, I had a lot of gender dysphoria. Didn't help my aunts and grandmother kept trying to force me to be feminine. Thankfully, my parents didn't mind that I was more masculine. Now that I receive treatment, it isn't as bad and I've accepted my own form of femininity once I didn't have family forcing it down my throat. I realized I wasn't genderfluid, just jumped between masculine and feminine depending on my mood.

turnipBerry's avatar

I don't really care here either. :D Thank you for asking. The genderqueer-fluid thing is sort of secondary for me. I identify, first and foremost, as Asexual-Aromantic. I am not interested in anyone, sexually or romantically, regardless of gender. I've never had sex, and have no interest in doing so. I will probably die a virgin. And I do not, in any circumstances, want kids. That last one is the only thing that's ever really given me trouble dealing with family. Mom is cool. Dad is... skeptical. And the rest of my family takes every damn opportunity they can to tell me I'm being immature, and that I will change my mind at some point and regret not having children. I am not on good terms with most of them.

bobshmit13's avatar

I understand that. I don't want kids either, but have never had family bother me about it, but I've never had a serious relationship because, well... some of my family is homophobic and I don't want to come out until I've at least dated a woman to make sure I'm gay. I've only ever dated guys, and only gotten crushes on gay guys until I let myself see women in a sexual light. Being raised Catholic can make you a pro at repression. It's one of the reasons I'm not Christian, and I get way more shit for that. Thankfully, my mom and dad don't care if I have kids, helps that my older sister already had 2. I'm so pretty disabled, and I'm sure that that would shut any family member up if they bothered me on the subject. Well, and infertile too, side effect of the hormonal disorder, but I'm actually pretty happy about that. It made me stop and think about if I ever really wanted kids, or just thought it was inevitable. I'm not sure how my family will act when I come out. Unfortunately, my grandfather who was really supportive of me died, and I know he'd have accepted me because he had a gay brother that he cared about. Thankfully, I have understanding friends, and my dad did say he would never reject family who came out as gay when my little brother thought he might have been. He's just one of those guys who thinks it's a "lifestyle choice" and thinks all men should be manly. Ironically doesn't mind if women are more manly though. Thanks for listening. I don't get to talk about this stuff too often, and it's nice to meet another lgbtqia person.

turnipBerry's avatar

The mlp fandom is a great place to talk to other lgbtq people. The whole "love and tolerate" Thing is taken rather seriously. :D Conventions in particular are interesting ways to explore and meet people.

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Oh I would lay down my life for that aromantic crystal pony, and having the progress flag be a Draconequus is SUCH a cool idea!!!

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There was literally nothing else I though I could get away with that many colors on. :D

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