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Season 9 has started! And with BABSCon under two weeks away, couldn't be more exited for the coming year. :D I've actually been working on this particular piece for quite a while, and it was a relief to finally be able to finish it. This image will be available as a poster at conventions this year!

This is my head canon version of Celestia, which has been shown on Patreon and my discord a few times, but somehow never made it onto Deviant. I usually draw her with a peacock tail of some sort. :D

Edit: I've had a couple of comments about the wings. Yes they are flat and rectangular, they are supposed to be. Her wings are based of those of an albatross, and are so long that the wrist joints ended up off screen. what's visible is about two thirds of the length, and I realize that makes the shape look odd. I had the entire wing drawn out in the sketch stage, but it messed with the aspect ratio so much that I decided clipping it and making the wings look weird and rectangular was the lesser of two evils. :D 

Here's a doodle of what the full wings would have looked like:  off screen doodle by turnipBerry

Here's a page with some good photos of the birds for comparison:…
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Since you imagine her tail changing from that of a horse to the tail feathers of a peacock in your head canon, it makes me wonder: How would you imagine (and/or describe) fur changing into feathers?

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The feathers grow in over time. She still has the flowing ethereal hair tail under the feather fan.

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Extremely pleasant to the eye, indeed! Colors together balance the piece well and it's honestly just a gorgeous work of art! However, as this is a critique I will make some notes as I hope it will help. From observing the artwork and hearing out other critiques on the piece, yes, the wings are too rectangular. At first glance, it's lovely and obviously took great time to finish. Sadly, the wings lack much bone structure and needs a little more definition - perhaps with shading. The tops of all wings present, on the face, neck and sides, lack feather depth. The feathers are cut off awkwardly at the top and it reveals the wings as more 2 dimensional, which is counter-intuitive to the painting that visually has more dimensions. Also, the wing on the face looks too small at the beginning, the feathers should spread more on the cheek to give the wing a bit more stability, as it looks like it were patched on. Better merging with the feathers of the neck and the neck itself would be a good practice as well. Minor detail, but having more green in the artwork - as Celestia has green on her pallet - would be more majestic and visually appealing. Once more on the feathers of the sides, shading seems a bit too simplistic compared to the rest of the piece (toward the center of the wing). And finally, the eye is missing some reflection of light. Even though the eye is under shade, it still needs a reflection of light unless she is in complete darkness.

Other than these critiques, your work is so beautiful and inspiring. Keep up the hard work and improving your paintings! Good luck!
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This piece is very beautiful but the wings are a bit to rectangular. Other wise this is a beautiful piece. The peacock feathers make her look very regal and the detail is amazing. the way the cloth set is very professional and i wound totally commission them. But i feel it would be very pricey 'uWu . but the only problem here is how flat the wings were and needed more shape. This really affected the piece and the wings are way to large. It may be my opinion but that affected the whole piece and is very distracting to me
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Here: I made a doodle that I hope explains the discrepancy for people:  off screen doodle by turnipBerry
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I based the wings off an albatross, and they ended up going off screen. The wrist joints, which are what gives most of the shape to the wing, are just out of frame in this composition.

What the bird looks like:…
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This is indeed a beautiful piece, the colors and shading are very unique! There is only 1 minor change I would suggest, and that's the top of the wings seem a bit too flat and the brightness may be a bit too much. Besides that everything looks great to me! It reminds me of a peacock in the background with the tail, which I assume was intentional. I like the mini-wings on the side of the head, really adds to the originality of the piece, and she seems to be glowing, and in my opinion, looks pretty awesome! Keep up the work!
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'Ooooh... Impressive wingspan! Very good!' SuperMarioLogan - Darth Vader Hamm Icon

One thing on the wings... because of the contrast between the light touching on the ridge of the wing, it makes the defining lines stand out like a polygon count on close inspection.  Close inspection.  But the main draw of the color and the design means this doesn't let this come into focus until later viewings, or until attention is drawn to it.

Perhaps further attention to your already stellar lighting effects could help lend definition to the other features of the body and help them pop even more.
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Here: I made a doodle for people :D

off screen doodle by turnipBerry

Thank you for the feedback :)
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The wings look flat in this case, because they're so long the wrists are off screen. :D I based Celestia's wings on an albatross. The joints are very Farr apart, and curve less than most birds overall.
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i need this framed on my wall, this is an amazing work! that glow from her tail is so beautiful

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That is one immense wingspan. As it should be for Celestia.
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Now that's what I call expressive
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Again, amazing work on the feathers!!

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Holy St. Francis, that is a wonderfully detailed Celestia...! Albatross wings and peacock tail-feathers...!
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Woah! this is soooo amazing!!! *o*
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I love the details, especially the wings and the tail.
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Beautiful and creative! What art fan could ask for more? I appreciate that you took the time to put individual feathers.This must of take  you a very long time to make! However the wings are a little long and appear to stay the same size for a while. 
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I have an explanation of that in the description, complete with an illustration. People don't seem to be seeing it. 
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My apologies. I didn’t think to look in the description.
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