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Black Wedding: Pinkie x Octavia

This is a commission for :iconskahd-ee: 

Disclaimer: Under no circumstances do you have permission to repost or use this image or my other work for any reason, unless specifically stated otherwise. The customer who purchased this design may use is as an OC for personal uses, but may not sell the design without asking permission first. They may also post this image to Toyhouse or similar sites as a reference, as long as credit is provided. Do not repost my art to other websites, use my art as banners, reaction images, page backgrounds, examples, or any other personal or commercial use. If you have a question, or would like to ask permission to use a piece, please contact me about it. 

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So pretty. In fact, she resembles a ganache cake with raspberry filling.
MasaMilosavljevic's avatar


Aaaand look at those front legs! Every single BONE is visible! My eyes are so damn blessed :"DDD

Thank u for this masterpiece, u never fail to impress this me :3

Sugar-Loop's avatar

I love love love this!!!

equigoyle's avatar

This is definitely a fun pony character for Halloween. She going all ghostly on us. :)

VisceralLuster's avatar

This design is gorgeous. The transparency of the horns and forelimbs is glorious.

Bloedruk's avatar

looks so pretty n cool!

ElisZaha's avatar

Omg she is beautiful!

SpookiePrincess's avatar

This design is absolutely stunning! Everything about her is so well done I want to cry.

SKAHD-ee's avatar

I could scream. She is perfect, I love her sooooooo much!!! Thank you!

Front leg and horns are just *chef's kiss*

turnipBerry's avatar

Glad I didn't forget anything important. :D

SpookiePrincess's avatar

She is so darn beautiful!

SKAHD-ee's avatar

IKR! Turnip is sooooo skilled!

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