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Ascension AU! Rarity

By turnipBerry
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Behold Sparkle Incarnate. 

I had a few ideas for alicorn Rarity, and all of them involved the living pony incarnation of bling. Oddly enough, I actually started thinking about this AU because I wanted to redesign Nightmare Rarity. I didn't quite like the original, and I wanted to try a different angle. I'm considering making Nightmare-Rare a canon thing to this AU, though I still need to figure out how to work it in. I might draw that version of her if enough people are interested. Let me know if you'd like to see it. :D 

Surprisingly, I also have a fairly well developed concept for how she ascends, too. I'm planning on saving the details for later, but it involves kicking king Sombra's ass. I firmly believe that Rarity is perfectly capable of being a total boss bitch when the chips are down. 

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HeatherBlossomHobbyist General Artist
did you ever expand on this? i really love it
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turnipBerryProfessional Digital Artist
I've been meaning to get around to doing more with it. I've just always been so busy. :D
HeatherBlossom's avatar
HeatherBlossomHobbyist General Artist
ah aren't we all? fair tho, i'll just have to follow so when you do i'll know about it
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I would love to see Nightmare Rarity!
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storyboosStudent Digital Artist
I'd imagine her as a deity of beauty and fashion and all that! 
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I think one thing that I do like about the "Ascension AU!" series is how the Mane Six's new forms call back to creatures and people (that is ponies and other sapient beings) that help shape who they are in some form of fashion.

This is pretty clear with Rarity having an appreciation of Crystal Empie way back when it first appeared in Season 3. Especially with your Rarity butt-kicking the Crystal Empire's greatest enemy.

I definitely love Rarity's design for showing how otherworldly the Mane Six has become while still retaining the character traits that made who they were pre-ascension.

She also kind of reminds me that one day Equestria will wake up to their heroes becoming about to the similar power levels to the Princesses, and would forever change the course of Equestria and the world.
And I bet they would be met with great enthusiasm and great fear.
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DJspark3Hobbyist Digital Artist
.........Can she fly with those things?
ILoveClopin919's avatar
ILoveClopin919Hobbyist General Artist

She's so pretty.

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RyuaHobbyist General Artist
I love how... unapologetic she is. Just... "Yes darling, I am composed entirely of crystals, beauty, and glitter. I am fabulous!"

I'm seriously so excited to get more backstory behind this AU.
turnipBerry's avatar
turnipBerryProfessional Digital Artist
Could probably out-prism Rainbow Dash too. 
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"Princess Lucia!"
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Emilou1985Hobbyist General Artist
I love the floating gems around her. It's very regal.
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bry2dieStudent Digital Artist
well i mean from watching the show it seemed that both luna and celstia do have their own "evil" forms so i mean nightmare rarity would make sense 
also this looks amaizing??
IDragon1930's avatar
OOOH a Nightmare Rarity? I mean I'm pretty sure vavacung has done a nightmare Rarity AU. But I would still be interested to see another AU with Nightmare Rarity!
WidowPeak's avatar
You have got to love those beautiful, sparkly wings you gave Rarity!
Begin-the-Night's avatar
Begin-the-NightHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm canonblind but really enjoying the character designs for these AUs.  I love this one's floating shards of crystal and big translucent wings...and double crystal horn, for extra lethality.  Do not trifle with the sparklepony.
Raptor-Rage's avatar
I can see her saying to Sombra, "Excuse me, darling, I believe you need to learn some manners" and then proceed to kick his butt badly :D (Big Grin) 
turnipBerry's avatar
turnipBerryProfessional Digital Artist
Oh there would be a sassy one-liner in there somewhere, for sure. 
Howl-n-Hart's avatar
Definitely My Favorite Ascension next to Fluttershy!
CarmenDragon's avatar
CarmenDragon Digital Artist

I wanna see nightmare rare! It’d look so cool! Great work with Rarity!

YouthfulCyclops's avatar
YouthfulCyclopsHobbyist Digital Artist

Ah!!! She is so gorgeous! And kicking sombra's ass? I'm so intrigued!!! Wonderful work as always!!

turnipBerry's avatar
turnipBerryProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you. :D
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OvercastgravestoneHobbyist Digital Artist

I highkey wanna see a redesign of Nightmare Rarity.

Kon-Tengu's avatar
Kon-TenguStudent Digital Artist
Please draw nightmare rarity!!!!
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