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Alicorn Hooooofs

By turnipBerry
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Behold, our lord and savior, the grand and glorious, the mighty, Lord Hoofs. Cast down from the heights of DeviantArt by the wicked Mod, he yet shines as a beacon against censorship. We all rest in his capable, erm... hands. Blessed be his mustache. 

Of course, Lord Hoofs was already an alicorn to begin with. In this, his final most glorious form, he has ascended even further beyond. 

...Come on guys, you knew this was coming. It's a horse character. No way was I not going to do an ascension for him/it. That's how I jam. 

Puddles is doing fine btw. :D 

EDIT: The snail has transcended into the astral plane, and no longer requires a limiting physical form. Aka, I forgot. Don't bug me about it. :D

#savehoofs #savehoofs2020 
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:star::star::star::star::star: Overall
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I am in awe, let me tell you. No I mean seriously, when I hear someone say OC, I see that a lot of what they make is based on something else - where that be from a TV show, a book of some kind, or even a game - but people find a way to make it their own. Even I have a hard time finding the creative fire to truly make something that can, in any sense, break the mold.

Now this, on the other hand (or several), is based on structure and nothing else. I've never seen wings made like this! Their face is a masterpiece by itself, just.. wow. Those eye markings, that mane, dat 'Stache! Gorgeous. The concept of the hoof hands is just.. Brilliant. A magical portal to the Realm of Hands? Incredible!! Banana Shoes? Comedy gold, and you made it look good. You're a freaking genius.

And that's covering my impression without mentioning the colors! I see the purple and orange combo so much it actually gives me a headache, and I know the Blue/Orange color usage is *all over the place*, especially on movie posters. So when I say that these colors really strike me, I mean it. The tones and hues used, the variation of it all, it actually makes me... Happy? Like, I've never been happy to see these colors before, but... wow.

20/10, I hope to see something like this from you in the future, but maybe not too soon? Best not to run the mill of creativity dry.
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:star::star::star::star::star: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star: Vision
:star::star::star::star::star: Originality
:star::star::star::star::star: Technique
:star::star::star::star::star: Impact

Fantastic. Awe Inspring. Mustache? Incredible. Hands? Too many. Feet? Bananas. Travel? Trivago.

Honestly? I have been spending my whole life waiting to see a creature like this. I had ideas on what the creature would be, but never in my wildest dreams did I ever think it would look like this. He is a shining beacon of hope, the leader we never knew we needed, and that we never asked for. I firmly plan on tattooing his likeness into my arm, so that I always have his strength on my side. I personally enjoy this stunning recreation of our heron and friend.
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is this character from a cartoon or series?

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This was an April Fools joke. 
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This was what Game Freak intended Arceus to look like. Alas, Nintendo struck it down and now we are left with a shell of Arceus who mysteriously lacks 1000 hands.
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that's gorgeous 
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I know this is an April Fools thing, but was there really an original character that this is a modification of? 
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I don't actually know. 
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cant believe that you actually made  a shit character look good , good job lmao, looks lovely
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i still don't get why this thing got banned but i see that nobody literally cares lol

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twas an april fools day prank :)
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i realized like, now, that yesterday it was april 1st.

i'm in quarantine and my time perception is fucked up.

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That's the way to turn a shitty character into gold. With those incredible horses you've drawn previously, this must have been quite the easy task, huh?

Wonderful work.
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This is an excellent depiction of a banned character
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This is actually unironically amazing.
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Fabulous lol I think you win
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