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PnF Monster AU dump

By TurningTides
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All the doodles and sketches for this (CALLING ALL MONSTERS) AU i posted on tumblr but didn't have the time to properly put on dev (sorry for how big this is 0.o )

You cannot colour any of these sketches
 All characters (c) Dan and Swampy
AU idea (c) me
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All I can say is wow. Great job. Fell in love at first sight. I was trying to find a fanfic of this au anywhere, but I couldn’t find any. I swear some diviant asked for permission to write a fanfic and, on my record, never did. Someone please tell me where to find a fanfic of this!!

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this is incredible! I love it!Red Heart 
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Have you ever thought about making this AU into a comic?
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Phineas is such a grump in this AU and I love it!
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The Isabella one is clever and I love it!

Also... I can see Ferb with low energy like Baymax in that "drunk mode" because of his low battery xd
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I love this! It is so cute!
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OMG! this should like totally be a story. I would read it. you should think about it.
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Ferb is the teenage green Baymax.

Phineas: "SSSHHHHH!!!!"

"Weee jumped out a window!! ... shhhhhhhh!!!!"
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What's that amulet thing they have to wear?
Filllyreports's avatar
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What are Candace and Phineas drinking? and why don't they like it?
KraangTheConqueror's avatar
They just drank glasses of blood in order to develop their taste for blood.
DanomaruZenon's avatar
Taste still not acquired, from the looks of it!!
KraangTheConqueror's avatar
Where's Jeremy and his friends? I know that the Johnson family must be werewolves but what about Coltrane and that drummer? For Jenny, she's perfect for being a plant monster.
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Phinny looks cute without his jacket
YOLO1123's avatar
developing a taste for blood, I see xD
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хах забавно 
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Is amazing!!!very original talent!!!! and Phin is sooo beautiful...:clap::heart:
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This really is a MONSTER dump. rofl 
Duckapus's avatar
is Doof a Were-ocelot?
KraangTheConqueror's avatar
Likely, Vanessa is being a werecat after all.
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Love it! Do more. I always liked cryptic/mythology/monster stuff.
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