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love this movie and i love the idea of Judy draggin Nick out to Bunnyburrow and introducing him to her 200 or so siblings

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Nick: Gather around kids so that I can tell you all the story of my however many times great grandfather, Robin Hood!

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This is too cute for my brain to wok

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Flurrie-kittyHobbyist Digital Artist
I'm not usually big on zootopia stuff but I can't deny how adorable this is!! It warms my heart omg ❤
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ThePenVsTheSwordStudent Writer
Cute idea
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J-McKeonStudent Filmographer
And I love the Robin Hood Easter egg!
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i think the little oine in the bandana could be named bucky
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Judy: *Smiles widely* "I gotta admit, I didn't think my family would warm up to Nick so quickly; especially when I just asked him to be himself and be honest. Guess that's just part of his con-fox charm." 
Nick: *Grinning* "Oh, this is my favorite part. I laughed all the time at this gypsy bit when I was a kid." 
*Suspicious* "Are you sure that's what really happened?" 
Nick: "Absolutely. Grams and Gramps told Mom how they got together all the time growing up before they took a boat across the East Aquarius and came here. She wrote the story down after they passed and had it published. It's how she met my dad; he worked in the publishing office she came to and promised he'd convince his boss to print it in exchange for a date." *Grins wider* "Foxes may be sly by nature, but my family's so sly, we're practically 'royalty'." 
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Melina-the-ThiefHobbyist General Artist
Judy has Pikachu ears! XD
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pepoluanHobbyist Writer
Awesome heartwarming art!

What happened to Nick's foot?

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Ross-SangerHobbyist General Artist
Haaaaa this is super cute, and I love your style.
Nice reference with the storybook too.
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MonoFlaxHobbyist General Artist
The bandage on Nick's foot is such a nice idea :3 very well done :tardclap:
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There are thousands of people that love this movie, but by me its just me and for the others im the weird one because i love this movie... WHY?? XD great work btw
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Being normal is overrated. Embrace your abnormality and leave the rest to squander in their mediocrity. :D
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MonoFlaxHobbyist General Artist
Amen to that.
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TheUnknownChaosHobbyist Writer
Uncle Nick x3
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Fantastic! You could do a couple more in a series of down on the farm. 
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Gosh! I've had so many story ideas float though my head about Nick visiting Bunnyburrow! I really love your concept! What happened to Nick's left foot? Hopefully taking it easy with Judy's family will fix him up. :)
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The scene is charming! Blush   We also can look to it and think that´s a exercise,to when Nick and Judy get their own kids.   sunday stroll 
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Roa-HateStudent Digital Artist
wold love to see Disney make a short of Nick meeting the Hopps, and it's all crazy and insane and funny.

Also, i did notice that nick has a cast in his paw, injuried. 
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Manx-WorksHobbyist Photographer
I was thinking the same as others just wait till he meets the other three hundred of them!

I must agree with a lot of the fan art and fanfic I have seen I would love to see Judy and Nick get together in a sequel. Following the line of some of the ideas from others I'm thinking based on the character Nick would be reluctant to show his feelings but after Judy gets seriously hurt in the line of duty he realizes he cant live without her and tell Judy he lovers her. Judy I think would have to be the one to propose to Nick and Nick being Nick I think would be freaked out and overwhelming by the idea and would run away only to return to her and accept.
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SlyDrawsUndertaleHobbyist Digital Artist
What happened to nicks hind leg? (Leg they walk on)
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JoeMerlStudent Writer
Nice work!
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S7alker117Professional Writer
Great reference in that book. Loved that movie when I was a kid.
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