for the love of ~leaves~
Dear Members,

As your new co-founder, I shall invite more members, more submissions, make it a Super Group and perhaps hold a contest or mini-challenge.  I shall check my messages every day or so.  Otherwise I will leave this group the same, with the same concepts and the same emphasis on the leaf world.

Please continue to submit your fine work!

I thank you all who have continued to join and submit work to this group over the last few years. The truth is that I have been far too busy to give this group the kind of attention that it deserves. I will continue to maintain all submissions and not allow any to expire. If anyone is interested in taking over this group, please let me know. I thank you again for continuing to submit your work.

I apologize for the huge gap between features. I have been rather busy as of late.
Please enjoy these images of people being silly with leaves

I think I'll Just... *crunch* by Bpoetry Silliness by Necroarian _autumn leaves 2_ by terorists
:thumb332612721: Leaves! ^-^ by elleinad96 Simple Joy by BellaGraceArt
.Fallen leaves by ManiaGotFingered Sugar by SophiaMarilyn Autumn Is Gone by oO-Rein-Oo autumn 1 by PauL-23
. by grace-lind Leaves Weren't Made To Fall But To Fly! by joelbenjamin :thumb343612126: Trisha by RaechelRomero
Leaf by Tyvija Funny leaves by bell-pics Flying Leaves by diyafram Silly girl by agompert
Living life in a random way by JAMcorporations :thumb184316199: When Spring Attacks by texan-innocence attack of the leaves. by Rapunzzel
:thumb315406779: trifoi'n'soare by FlorinALF
I'm Lucky Because I Have You by goRillA-iNK Lucky day by Erisember
Hold Fast by goRillA-iNK :thumb338532139: :thumb352181531:
Four-leaf clover by xBarbaraG Week 05 by chocobocloud 4 leaved clovers by diegoch5
Clovers by isotophoto Lucky by sequential Orbit by A2Matos
Toward Truth by Identifyed-Khaos I love you by velline Helpful Edit by Bigromo09
November has come by deerArylide :thumb353076221: Little Hearts by Seline-W
Lucky by GadgieCAT13 Better Luck Next Time II by EneKiedis Three Hearts by abbyL13
Lucky Enough ...That's All That Matters by goRillA-iNK Liquid Luck by Sarah-BK :thumb355788323:
love love love by passionNdesire me and you by autumnhorton :thumb316310880:
Love leaf by Aries2446 L O V E by AoNoTori falling for you by nikkhidragonfly
The Heart Of A Leaf by TheUmbrellaFella :thumb307468106: Autumn Love by Thinking-Silence
Mother Nature by RebeccaChristine Shaped by surviverAngeloftime PLP: Autumn by Integra4Hell
I love you~ by Shiemin Invented Romance. by ZEUS1001 Love leaf by PoppyHunter
A Lonely Heart by magic-spelldust :thumb349692057:
Fall(en) heart by BeautySpotCrafts can i be simplicity by skygazing Love me Back by StrawberryChewies
thirty five by maileroseland Heart in Hand by WillowAmber :thumb322343381:
.:: His love ::. by Whimsical-Dreams Little Bit of Love by Me-O-Tojite The Rose by The-proffesional
Sky by likepianomusic Way to Blue by LorenzoDiFolco :thumb340575860:
Let Her Into Your Heart by Me-O-Tojite :thumb334247463: Hearting you.. by Lea-Chausson-Lallier
From the bottom of my heart by xOronar :thumb311799850: Fall Love by 12slauth
:thumb312658163: Autumn by Lilith1995 :thumb333920524:
I Heart Nature by TheTruthSeeker Heart by BGFilms Loves Me Like a Rock by TheMarchStudios
:thumb339062828: :thumb309252965:

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ah, young love by sophiaazhou

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