for the love of ~leaves~

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This group is designed to celebrate the many colors, shapes, sizes and textures of ~leaves~

The focus will be on photography. But other mediums and styles will be accepted -drawing, painting, digital, crafts, jewelry etc.

At this time, members can submit unlimited deviations. Non-members can submit one per day. Once the gallery fills up a bit, that will be reduced to one or two per day, per member. But probably not for a while.

Please make sure you submit them to the appropriate folder. Featured is for your best work only.

Most work will be accepted. Just no blurry images or snapshots.

There can be other things included in the image: people, animals, insects, various objects, flowers, fruit, vegetables, buidings etc.

Just make sure the focus is on the leaf or leaves.

Nudity is okay, as long as it's tasteful.

I am currently looking for admins and contributers. If you are interested, please feel free to note me.


About Us

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