Celebrating Good News with a Giveaway

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Got good news about Jules today and I feel like celebrating!

Cold Noses Warm Hearts by turnerstokens

I am giving away one of these necklaces on July 1st at 3pm CST!
Want to enter the giveaway?
Become a watcher and leave a comment about your favorite animal!

I am partial to panthers but in this case, I'm loving my house cats!
The two paws on the necklace represent one for Vincent and one for Jules.

If you are under 18, please make sure it is ok with your parents to enter into the drawing. I will use a random list generator from random.org to determine the winner.
I will ship internationally so anyone can enter!
(Please note, if you live in Canada we may have to wait to ship anything until things get sorted out about the postal system. Fedex is a little too expensive for me to ship on these drawings at the moment.)

For new watchers Jules and Vincent are my kitties:
Jules Napping by turnerstokens   Jules
Vincent in Box by turnerstokens   Vincent
Jules recently had some trouble with an infection and kidney stones and he is in the clear now!
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MLFischer's avatar
im a cat person. :) too bad my hubby cant stand em. he'll have to deal eventually though cuz i will get a cat!
jkunloixa8's avatar
Hmm... I think I've always been a cat person. I have two cats, and I love them to pieces! I love and admire their independence yet how they still love company. I also love rabbits and chickens, as I have those too :) all though they aren't as cuddly as the cats.
VioletRosePetals's avatar
Hmmm...I have to go with tiger on this. I've always loved them because they are the biggest, and in my opinion, most beautiful cat. The way they just disappear into the trees and bushes, it's amazing! Also, I've always felt a certain awed respect for cats in general. They're quiet, calculated, and extremely dangerous. That feline confidence is unrivaled by any other animal. Such beauty, poise, and power in one creature is breathtaking to me, and I love them all for it.
PhoenyxFyre's avatar
Pretty sure I am more of a dog person, at least domesticated animals anyway. Other than dogs, gonna have to go with Snow Leopards
Darkest-of-Days's avatar
Considering I have three cats, I think the answer is fairly obvious. |D; I just love felines of all shapes and sizes. :heart:
DeFor's avatar
I'm not really sure I can choose a favorite. I love birds, bugs, and sea creatures. Hyenas are just awesome.
As for pets, I love my doggies.
WingedGenesis5's avatar
D'awww, what a gorgeous, adorable pendant. Oh favorite animal is a hard one to pick. Let me see....I'm going to have to say ocelot. Such a gorgeous wild cat
CrystalKittyCat's avatar
I love white tigers! But for house purposes, I love gerbils. :)
otakuvamp77's avatar
:D my fave animal is an arctic fox XD
Naeomi's avatar
Out of domesticated pets, i LOOOOVE my kitties. :la:
DinoRat's avatar
Glad to hear Jules is all good :D I had a kidney infection a while ago and boy did that suck. My whole family got to go to I-hop but I had to stay home (my family luvs me so) XD
Fav animal? I think I'd have to go with rats :)
The-Kurisutaru's avatar
I love dogs and cats. I wanted to be a veterinarian for the longest time, but decided to be a teacher instead. Based on this economy I should have kept my other field. ;)
Emma-Neko-Catlin's avatar
kitties kitties kitties kitties! they're just so cute, fluffy and have such unique personalities. I love my snuggle bugs XD
ParkersandQuinn's avatar
Kitties and Ponies. or penguins... but I cant say for sure as I have no personal experience with them....
megpie252's avatar
Its so hard to pick a favorite....
I think my favorite pet would definitely have to be a cat. My kitty is SO friendly for some reason, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have an attitude :XD: And cats are just so cute and fluffy :meow:
I think sea creatures are under-appreciated, though. I love turtles, octopi and jellyfish a lot :D There's just such diversity in ocean life. even just regular fish can be so cool, funny and cute :meow:
Also, bugs. Some of them are scary, but some of them are adorable. I really like ladybugs and roly-polies :)
turnerstokens's avatar
XD I used to like roly-polies until I moved to this apartment! x.x We are on the ground floor so during the summer we get invaded by roly-polies. I always feel bad vaccuming them up but there are so many~~~ I love just sitting and watching them mill around in a garden. hehehe, so simple but kinda cute!
megpie252's avatar
Hehe they're always crawling across the sidewalk near my house so I like to pick them up before they get stepped on :D
Did you know they're actually a type of crustacean? :o
turnerstokens's avatar
!!! o.O I had no clue...
megpie252's avatar
I KNOW RIGHT!!! they're so small... But if you look at them up close you can kind of tell :D *nerd over here*
hawthorne-cat's avatar
kittys dogs barnowls horses wolfs all animals
dman24993's avatar
I am and always have been a cat lover. All cats big and small. My favorite is the lynx. They amaze me.
Rashasa's avatar
I'm glad Jules is okay! And might I say that is an awesome name for a cat! <3

(Not sure if I am allowed to enter again since I've won before but you're welcome to leave me out if you like~)
I always thought I was a dog person but recently, I've realized I'm really more of a cat person. I'm hoping to get a tabby for my apartment next year and I want to name him/her Mr. Darcy or GLaDOS. <3
Catcat222's avatar
Owl. so adorable, yet so wise and something sly in the eyes :P
slightly-invisible's avatar
Your cats are adorable! I love cats, but I'd have to say manatees my favorites..
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