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Telerin Portrait

By TurnerMohan
A maiden of Alqualonde in the days of the Trees. While the face probably could have used a little better planning out, I'm quite pleased with the iridescent look of her classically telerin silver hair.

This marks probably the first time since I was a kid that I've tried my hand at pastels, I will definitely be working with them again.
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Beautiful work--especially considering how long it's been since you used pastels. I haven't touched them in a long time.
IngvildSchageArt's avatar
Very well coloring work.
I dont know why I'm so afraid of traditional coloring (pencil and pastels in particular) but it definitely looks like something I should try more.

I love her silver/blue hair, a very neat effect to make her look just magical enough for the Telerin. Again I cannot get enough of the soft rendering of your drawings. It's the thing that pulled me from the beginning, making you one of my favorite Tolkien concept artists.

Simply very well done, my friend! You are a true inspiration!
Libra1010's avatar
 Master Mohan, would you be terribly offended if I said that my first thought on glimpsing this particular lady was "Targaryen!" rather than anything to do with Tolkien? (I do beg your pardon, in any case).Sweating a little... 
Zeonista's avatar
Elves and pastels tend to go together, yes. I still see the Classical strain is having an influence on you here. 
peet's avatar
Very beautiful and indeed iridescent :) But was telerin hair actually classically silver? More like a rarity as far as I can recall, with the majority being dark-haired as were the Noldor. At least that's what the Prof says in regards to the Sindar, the highest and most important of the Third Clan who remained in M-e.
TurnerMohan's avatar
dark and silver seem the two dominant hair colors among the nelyar, comprising the teleri of alqualonde and tol erresea, the falathrim, sindar, nandor, and almost all the avari; Thingol, his niece earwen (from whom galadriel is supposed to have inherited a silver tint to her hair) his kinsman celeborn, and cirdan are all silver-haired (it's likely olwe would be as well, being thingol's brother and earwen's father) while on the other hand luthien and her descendants are all dark haired (to the best of my knowledge the hair color of the other named nelyar elves, lenwe, denethor, beleg, mablung, oropher, thranduil and legolas, is never specified). I don't know if I would assume that a majority per se of the Teleri in the West are silver haired, but the notable ones (which in later drafts would have included celeborn) seem to be, and it's a color apparently un-seen among the mostly dark-haired noldor and blonde vanyar, I would say that makes it "classic" for them (the way red hair is considered the "classic" hair color of the irish even though the majority of irish people are not red-haired)
ElrondPeredhel's avatar
In The Ring of Morgoth Tolkien even make a difference in silver hair : he states that Olwë's hair was long and white, and his eyes blue, while Elwë (Thingol) 's hair was 'grey as silver' and his eyes 'like stars' (what it means here I don't know) adding that Elwë was the tallest of all Elves (and of the Children in general if you believe the UT ; I once made a classification of Tolkien characters known to be tall from tallest to smallest by gathering the informations but I don't remember it... only that Tuor was the tallest of the Edain and Turgon the second tallest Elf after Thingol... which should have implied that Elrond would be one of the tallest, yet when he is first described he is shown as taller than Gandalf but he is not remarked as tall in general opposite to Glorfindel).
peet's avatar
Aha, T'would appear I misinterpreted your 'classic' for 'common'. Carry on (and keep rocking) ;-)
Jakegothicsnake's avatar
Beautiful as always, but how come her ears aren't pointed?
TurnerMohan's avatar
to my knowledge it's never actually stated that the elves of tolkien's fictional universe have pointed ears. i kind of switch back and forth, but i definitely dont see it as a design requirement
Hman999's avatar
Ooh, a little pastel dabbling? Best of luck then! Can't wait to see what comes of that.
MiouQueuing's avatar
So, no pointy ears?!? I'm confused ... :confused: ;-)
TurnerMohan's avatar
i must have missed the part where elven ear shape is specified
MiouQueuing's avatar
He, good "point"! ;-)

Actually, you are right - I can't remember it either. It surely has to be there somewhere? But you are the more apt Tolkien scholar - if you can't remember it, it probably isn't. :-)

Which makes me wonder: Where does our conception that elves have pointy ears come from? One wild theory: Tolkien got popular in the USA during the 60ies, which saw also the rise of Star Trek. As Spock is such a perfect, almost elf-like being, perhaps the appearance of this character inspired the Fantasy/SciFi-community?

Just a guess... :-D
ElrondPeredhel's avatar
That and the representation of Elves as little winged fairy-like beings from the shakesperian tradition (that Tolkien hated in that regard). So even if Tolkien let some clues of Elves having pointy ears (he draw Bilbo with pointy ears and Hobbit's ears are once mentionned as being "elvish"... which could also reffered to them having a great earring) I stand with Turner in saying that it is not a requirement. The movie wasn't bad in making the pointy ears believable (like some human ears can be) but went too far in showing them all the times (when most cultures tend to hide ears under the hair).
MiouQueuing's avatar
Ah, yes - I forgot the fairies there for a moment. They certainly have nothing in common with elves, though Tolkien's elves came a long way themselves, when he finally settled on portraing them as "fair" and strong beings. If I remember correctly, they started as some kind of dwarfish (may Durin forgive me) gnomes ...

Of course, pointy ears are not a requirement. I totally agree with you and I think that a "hint" of a point is far more effective. I cringe at the sight of every elf with these manga'esk overly strechted and dagger-like ears, which mostly point randomly in any direction the artist feels like ... :o (Eek)

As for the movies, I do not think that they intended on drawing special attention to the ears when they had other identifying features. PJ and the crew just decided to pursue a certain hairstyle, which by coincidence revealed the ears. There have always been cultures/civilizations, which favored short haircuts (the Romans, Etruscans, our contemporary western culture no less, Asian monks etc.), so why not? I actually can imagine a short-haired Feanor, Maedhros, Fingon etc. - it is so much more convenient for battle.
Mooroflife's avatar
This is beautiful and very original:) (Smile) 
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