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I have nothing especially pressing to say about this one, just a standard noldo in armor (feanorian, as any keen eyes will observe)

Chainmail is underrepresented, for my taste, in fantasy or "historical" art/games/movies/shows. Plate armor seems to be the favored type, I tend to think this is because with plate you are usually designing and manufacturing fewer, bigger articles, and it's easier to mass manufacture (take for example the all identical harnesses of the unsullied or the Lannister soldiers or kings guard from game of thrones, or the "standard" armors of the various people and races in jacksons lord of the rings and hobbit movies) but Tolkien made no bones about it: middle-earth is a world of mail, and is by this and many other descriptive cues an "early medieval" world. Going on that I try to imagine the elves as semi-godlike beings, but that as imagined by dark age man.
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Beautiful mail armor. I like the bottom part of the coif especially.