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Earendil In Bronze



Thought I'd try a little numenorean civic statuary, in this case Earendil slaying Ancalagon the Black (dragon not quite to scale) which I imagine would be an endlessly popular subject in numenorean art, comparable to (and greatly resembling) the myriad depictions of Saint George and/or Michael the Archangel, which dot Europe.

I like to think that in the mid-to-late second age, as numenor turned away from its friendship with the elves and reverence for the powers in the west, Earendil (who had always been greatly important to the Numenoreans) was now elevated to near-godlike status, and his story somewhat recast in more independent and singularly heroic terms, emphasizing "Earendil the human hero and dragon-slayer" (and of course, "father of the line of kings") while downplaying "Earendil the half-elven messenger to the Valar."

His armor and gear (as is often the case in medieval/renaissance art depicting ancient or biblical scenes) is in the contemporary style of the time in which the sculpture was made; several thousand years after Earendil lived, and very little resembling what he would have actually worn. the dragon (besides being, as I said, rather embarrassingly downsized) was based mostly on dragons as they appear in late Medieval/early Renaissance statuary and, like those, was largely assembled out of bits and pieces of other creatures (a long snake neck here, crocodile body there, throw in some ram horns for good measure) the artist, like most numenoreans, never having actually seen a dragon in real life.

the tilt of Earendil's head is a bit unsatisfying to me; I was hoping to have him looking down his nose at the beast pinned underfoot with that sort of aloof, contemptuous calm you see in a lot of classical art, but it didn't quite translate. That said I'm overall pretty happy with the way this one turned out. I can picture it in some grand square in Armenelos, or centuries later, gathering barnacles at the bottom of the ocean.

Part of my Weekly Tolkien Sketchblog (though this one kind of ran away with me)
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this doesn't look like a fair fight