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Beren and Luthien (WIP)



The sons of Feanor attack the fated lovers in the woods of Brethil. This is a composition that I've had in my head for a long time, being one of my favorite moments in the Silmarillion; tense, dire, hot with sexual jealousy and racial animosity, it's considerably more compelling and satisfying as "romantic fairy-story" than much of the material that surrounds it. I'd hoped to have it brought to a level of finish I was satisfied with by the time the recent "Beren and Luthien" had hit the shelves, oh well. consider this the "impressionist version."

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Hey, it is still an interesting and dynamic composition, whether "impressionist" or not. You needed to include Huan, but that was about the worst thing I could say about it. Interestingly enough, although you have Beren & Luthien in the foreground, and Luthien is at the center, the eye is drawn upwards to Celegorm, with Curufin as his shadow-image. The immediate setting on the edge of a large clearing in the ever-present great forest give great lighting & framing to the action. I would rather have Beren in a less passive and more ready state, as he would be aware that the two brothers resent him, and want to kill him in a convenient manner. Luthien may be seeking peace, but Beren is sadly aware that the Shadow has reached out again. Also, his avoidance of Celegorm's attack will prepare him for the celebrated leap. Given some knowledge of stunt work and the difficulty of leaping not only laterally but upwards to a horse, it was an action worthy of renown.